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Joy in 4 Steps




Ken W Stone

Last week my oldest daughter Emma was struggling with the realization that the sparkle of future promises was an illusion, saying: “The whole point of high school was supposed to by my senior year, and then the last month or two before graduation, then graduation, then summer, and then college. But nothing has changed. It feels like it’s all a big lie. What am I supposed to do? How can I feel better? How am I supposed to make decisions and plans?”

Seeing the genesis of profound wisdom blossoming and wanting to honor her process, I asked if she was really asking a question of me or wanting me to listen.

In one of the rare moments in any parent’s journey with a teenager, she really wanted a suggestion.

I offered this four-step process:

First – Make no plans or decisions.

Second – Feel whatever crappy feelings are coming up. Don’t suppress them. Don’t hide them behind dreams or plans for the future. Don’t rationalize or internalize them. Feel and express them fully.

Third – Come back home into your hips and embody your soul while feeling whatever unpleasant feelings remain. I explained to Emma that home in the hips while feeling the crappiness are the essential ingredients in divine alchemy.

Fourth – Stay in the flow that follows.

As soon as these steps came out of my mouth, I realized they’ve been there for years, but likely never been communicated so succinctly. Certainly not to Emma. Maybe not to anyone.

We had quite a conversation about how what I was suggesting went against everything she thought she knew about how to make life a success.

About how the process of coming home into the hips is guaranteed to bring up the emotions that have been suppressed as part of the old patterns and approach to success. In Emma’s case she can easily get home into her hips by singing—something she hadn’t felt resonance with for two or more months prior to our conversation.

We talked about how coming home into the hips opens an entirely new perspective, and new resources are deployed that simply aren’t available any other way. A profound sense of peace, connection, and love. Joy without a situational, relational, or rational cause.

The following day she reported a sense of calm she hadn’t felt in a long time. I could see a sparkle and clarity in her eyes that had been missing.


This same process is available to us all. From my perspective, it’s the description of the divine mechanism that ensures we receive all the gifts from fully engaging in every aspect of life. Yet receiving the gifts that accompany our challenges remains elusive for many.

t’s not just that the first step doesn’t make rational sense, and that the second step sounds an awful lot of marinating in the sorrows of whatever unhappiness might be presenting right now (which we’ve either learned is *not* how to deal with the challenging thoughts and emotions that plague experiences of feeling disempowered – or it’s how we’re dealing with everything that’s unfolding in life – and either way it doesn’t sound like a good plan). It’s the third step—coming home into the hips. When the soul is embodied, we’re fully present to with Divine Presence, and magical and extraordinary things begin to happen. Coming home to the hips—embodying the soul—that’s where the biggest challenge is for most people.

I’ve got good news for you if you’d like some support on this front. God’s expression through me results in coming home into the hips. And I’m broadcasting a free group session every Wednesday at 5p Eastern on YouTube (details below in the PS).


Once one begins living life according to these four steps, there’s a changeover period that ensues. I don’t know how long it lasts. It’s different for everyone (and I’m still in it).

From the outside I imagine this transition might look a little disjointed. Like a horse just after birth trying to stand up and walk. Eventually with enough practice, there’s a graceful expression that follows. But those initial steps . . . no one would confuse them with the grace that follows. They appear to be made by an animal with no hope of grace or even basic ability.

However unsure the foal’s initial steps, as it develops, it becomes more confident of itself and eventually its full potential is expressed. A beautiful example of the transition that’s available to each of us when we begin opening to an experience of Divine Presence, within.

That’s it for this week . . . From My Heart.

Always in God’s Love and Presence, Further into the Mystery—All the More Extraordinary with You!


PS –  My apologies for the delay in getting this blog posted today. It wasn’t the thing to do next until now. 🙂

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