Experience Your Inner Divine Presence Now – The Most Essential Resource

Experience Your Inner Divine Presence – The Most Essential Resource

Join Spiritual Messenger and HealerKen W. Stone For An Exploration of Divine Resonance with the Deep Dive Series

The importance of experiencing our innate connection with the Divine, with each other, and with ourselves, has never been more important than it is right now.

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Set aside the first Thursday of each month to sink into a deep experience of Divine Resonance beginning at Noon Eastern (US).

As you go deep something likely beyond what you’ve experienced to this point in your life will unfold in your awareness and experience. Perhaps because of something I say, or the way I teach a concept or answer a question. More likely, because you’ll be having a deeper and more intimate encounter with the ineffable, within your body and being.

You’ll be engaging in this exploration with an extraordinary group of spiritually focused people from around the world who have been gathering on a regular basis—some since Deep Dive I—continually sinking into a deeper experience of the Divine within. The replays from all prior retreats are included with your series pass so you can sink into the resonance immediately, then join LIVE for the next Deep Dive as you support the acceleration of your spiritual work, integration, and embodiment.

If you’re ready to register because you already know this is right for you, I invite you to complete your registration now. Otherwise, please continue reading and see if this opportunity resonates with you.

The Deep Dive Workshop
Series Pass Includes:

  • LIVE Full-Day Virtual Workshop with Ken on the first Thursday of each month – participate via webcast (with or without video) or by phone
  • The First Session Begins at Noon Eastern (US), and the second begins around 5p Eastern (US) with a 2-2.5 hour break between sessions
  • Each retreat will include one or more teaching, transmission and Q&A segments
  • Participation in All Upcoming Deep Dives – with a new LIVE workshop the First Thursday of Each Month
  • PLUS Video Replays and Audio Downloads of All Prior Deep Dive Workshops – so you can learn and experience all that the group you’re about to join has been marinating in and exploring
  • Only one membership is required per household
  • Email Reminder Each Month Prior to Membership Renewal – cancel anytime

Workshop Series

Regular Price: $497/Month

Special Discount: $197/Month

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Sink Beneath the Tension and Drama, to Uncover Your Inner Light

Beneath the waves of the storm that is brewing in the world right now, underneath whatever tensions or challenges may be showing up in your body, mind, or life, is a quiet, still place.

You have to venture down deep within yourself to find this place. It’s deep enough, that the source of the light shifts from what’s going on above in the storm, to inside, within you.

Once you begin encountering this space within yourself the pathway forward is clear. Where once you could see only storms and challenges, pain and suffering—and you focused much of your energy trying to overcome, solve, or heal—you now can feel the power of Divine Presence emanating from within you.

Your job has shifted too, from frantic seeking to peaceful being. It’s a profound shift. Not one that opens because of a thought or mantra, but experientially. In the same way you once thought you understood what it meant and would feel like to hold a newborn baby. And then you experienced it, and everything changed in an instant.

This is what is available to you, when you participate in a Deep Dive Virtual Workshop.

Do the Work That’s Been Waiting to Be Done

When you allow yourself to become present to the wounds that have been traumatizing you and holding you back from experiencing your divine potential, you can begin doing the soul work that’s been waiting patiently for you to engage.

The challenge has been, if you allowed yourself to even begin to open to the depth of the pain, disappointment, and hurt from earlier in your life it would have consumed you. Now, as you’re energetically and spiritually supported in embodying your soul, the fire of Divine Presence burns hot and bright within you, and the traumas and wounds are fully transmuted if only you’ll allow yourself to feel the hurt, pain, loss, and anguish that have been long suppressed.

Only when you engage with the paradoxical alchemy of your embodied soul and expressing the incomplete feelings long suppressed, can you finally complete the work that’s been waiting to be finished.

And as you begin to open to the power of Divine Presence not as an idea or even a feeling—but as an embodied, fully integrated expression (AS YOU!) everything begins to shift.

With this interior shift, the outward begins to transform as well. What was once a distorted, limited vessel for carrying your Divine Light, is now the pure, undistorted, raw expression of your Divine Whole.

My work with Ken Stone has involved some of the most powerful healing work I’ve ever experienced. In addition to feeling more present in my body and my life, I am experiencing more ease, clarity, and grace. The pieces of the puzzle are joyously manifesting faster than ever before and I have a new curiosity for what will happen next! Life has become an exciting adventure as I experience deeper trust in myself and God.

Plus, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I earned my fastest and most joyous six figures in the first few weeks I worked with Ken. Things shifted on so many levels.

Christine Kloser Spiritual Messenger, Coach, and Author | ChristineKloser.com June 27, 2018

Each Deep Dive Workshop Will Open to this Interior Experience of Reality by Exploring One of These Themes:

  • Soul Embodiment:

    • Transmute the traumas and wounds that have blocked your full potential and kept you stuck in your current patterns
    • Unlock and release Divine Resonance through every aspect of your mind, heart, and being
    • In the process, releasing Divine Potential throughout your body, mind, and presence

I had an incredible one-on-one session with Ken. Ken showed me exactly where I was losing ’embodiment’ with my soul and EXACTLY how I can connect back to full soul connection.

I felt a SHIFT instantly and immediately I came back into center and felt a peace of mind and joy that astounded me! I recommend him to anyone who really feels like ‘something’ is off but with all the spiritual practice still feels like things are not working. He really shifted my awareness in a way that I never realized was possible!

Darius M. Barazandeh - Founder, You Wealth Revolution December 23, 2019

Understand the Role Your Consciousness Plays in How You Experience Reality

The lens you perceive yourself and your life through profoundly impacts your experience of reality. Even if you’ve transmuted the traumas that have kept you stuck, your consciousness can still limit your experience of who you really are, and as a result, of the world at large.

We’ll be exploring a roadmap of the developmental journey in consciousness so you understand how your lens has been influencing how you experience yourself, others, and the world at large.

Consciousness is the lens through which you interpret and experience everything internally and externally. Awareness is what happens when your consciousness is embodied at a deep enough level that words can be utilized, even though what is being spoken of necessarily can’t be pointed to directly with words.

Ken W. Stone - Spiritual Messenger and Author October 22, 2018

  • Learn the Developmental Stages of Consciousness that ALL Human Beings Go Through:

    • To gain new perspective on the life you’ve lived and the choices you’ve made to this point in your spiritual journey
    • So you can understand what’s next, and what’s to come in roadmap of your developmental journey in consciousness
    • To receive a vision of your pathway into Union Consciousness
    • Increase your understanding and compassion for how this developmental journey impacts everyone. This will ultimately support the dissolution of the illusion of separation between you and the individuals, leaders, and groups who don’t resonate with how you see the world, especially during this global crisis where a deep sense of connection with every living being could be so powerful in reinforcing the love the Divine feels for all beings without exception

Understand and Experience the Relationship Between Deep Inner Divine Resonance and Healing as well as Other Internal and External Expressions of Resonance

The embodied experience of Divine Resonance directly impacts the every day practical considerations that face each and every human being on the planet: How can I heal or recover from this physical challenge or illness? How can I reconnect to myself? How can I find joy or peace in my life? How do I restore my relationship with my partner? How can I discover my unique spiritual gifts or my purpose? How can I live a more fulfilling life? And many other practical questions and considerations.

Eventually we discover that the energetic or the spiritual has a profound impact on these types of practical experiences. The question ultimately is: How can I support and experience this connection, and fully tap into my Divine Potential?

We’ll be exploring this linkage conceptually and experientially, so you can begin crossing the bridge between understanding spiritual ideas that could transform your day-to-day-life, to actually experiencing them in your body and life. It’s not the magical thinking that dominates so much of popular contemporary metaphysics. Instead, you’ll learn and experience what was being referenced in the ancient wisdom: As Above, So Below.

  • Learn how the experience of deep embodied Divine Resonance can impact your physical and emotional well being:

    • So you can stop engaging in approaches for physical or emotional well-being which sound compelling, but never seem to make a real difference
    • And instead focus on making an meaningful difference in the aspects of your well being and life that matter most for you right now
    • To restore your your emotional and physical well being to a level you may have never before experienced, so you can focus and engage in ways that make a significant difference in your life, the lives of those you love, your community, and the world

Learn How to Sustain Embodied Resonance In Every Aspect of Your Being and Life

  • Sustain Traction in the Most Meaningful and Important Areas of Your Life, Immediately

    • So you can stop living life focused on overcoming challenges or responding to emergency, urgency, and living with constant adrenaline and stress
    • And begin living a fulfilling life of calm and connection, sustained in your breakthroughs, deeper into resonance with each new day, no matter what is going on in the world at large
    • For underneath everything else, is the Divine – and when you learn how to engage with, experience, and integrate this embodied presence, everything begins to change in ways you simply can’t imagine from the perspective you’re living your life from right now

Ken Reflects on How the Deep Dive Workshop Series is Different:

Spiritual teachers share extraordinary ideas. They resonate at the level of the mind, are compelling and eye opening. There are so many amazing people doing extraordinary work.

God’s expression through me opens a profound experience of what I’m talking about that is different than anything the people who sit with me in transmission have ever experienced before. At the same time, whatever is up for you to address in your spiritual journey is substantially accelerated.

This workshop is a living breathing resource for everyone who participates. It’s a series of portals which open an experience of who you really are on every level of your being.

The Deep Dive Virtual Workshop series is way of sharing not only the awareness that has resulted from years of teaching Spiritual Mastery, and Spiritual Messenger Mastery, but also God’s expression through me—the impossible-to-put-into-words experience that results from being in transmission together.

Not just once or twice in response to a global health crisis, but as a sustaining opportunity to dive deep over and over again. Without any pre-requisite programs. The raw deep dive with spirit that always results when we gather, and God does whatever God does.

Different from the anything else that I offer either live, or through pre-recorded programs. With Deep Dive, I’m teaching in a way I never have before, and everything is on the table. By this I mean that wherever we need to go spiritually speaking, is where we’ll go.

I’m looking forward to sitting with you in the next Deep Dive Workshop.



Dive Deep into Divine Resonance and Restore

The Deep Dive Workshop
Series Pass Includes:

  • LIVE Full-Day Virtual Workshop with Ken on the first Thursday of each month – participate via webcast (with or without video) or by phone
  • The First Session Begins at Noon Eastern (US), and the second begins around 5p Eastern (US) with a 2-2.5 hour break between sessions
  • Each retreat will include one or more teaching, transmission and Q&A segments
  • Participation in All Upcoming Deep Dives – with a new LIVE workshop the First Thursday of each Month
  • PLUS Video Replays and Audio Downloads of All Prior Deep Dive Workshops – so you can learn and experience all that the group you’re about to join has been marinating in and exploring
  • Only one membership is required per household
  • Email Reminder Each Month Prior to Membership Renewal – cancel anytime

Workshop Series

Regular Price: $497/Month

Special Discount: $197/Month

Or Join the Resonance Community for $247/Month Includes this Program and Many Others Click This Link for More Information

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I so believe in your message and of you helping us evolve because obviously the world is in a very strange situation, and we’re in evolution, and the evolution is completely grounded in your understanding of resonance and vibrations. And that’s where the seed of this revolution is coming from.

Dr. Bruce Lipton - Stem Cell Biologist, Best-Selling Author and Goi Peace Award Winner October 24, 2018

Life as I know it was over once I started working with Ken Stone. I’m experiencing my creativity in a way I never have before, I have greater clarity with the next steps in my mission, my energy is high, I don’t feel like drinking (which is a big deal for an Australian) and people are consistently commenting on how bright and energetic I am!

Ken has truly helped me to become the type of leader and messenger that people are inspired to listen to and follow and I highly recommend you work with him too.

Natalie Ledwell Spiritual Messenger, Speaker, Author and Co-Founder of Mind Movies | MindMovies.com August 9, 2018

About Ken:

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone, known as “The Soul Archaeologist” is a spiritual teacher, healer and founder of The Resonance Institute, as well as the Creator and Facilitator of The Resonance Experiment. He is author of the forthcoming book Resonance: The Path of Spiritual Mastery

God expresses through Ken in a unique way: when people sit with him in transmission, they have a profoundly different experience of the Divine in their body. For example, he has worked with a number of advanced former students of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who each said, following their initial session with him, “that was the deepest spiritual experience of my life.”

Join Ken for a Deep Dive Workshop and experience the Divine within as you never have before.

Ken is one of my secret resources. When I’m in session with Ken I have the deepest spiritual experiences. I remember once even saying to him “if this experience is repeatable — then you are the real deal” and he is the real deal. There are very small number people I’ve spent time with where I feel the presence of the spirit in this way.

Derek Rydall Spiritual Messenger, Speaker and Author | DerekRydall.com June 11, 2018

It’s rare that I experience such deep and ecstatic connection to the divine and the present moment so quickly as I did when I received my first session from Ken. Since then, I have felt much more aligned with the unlimited potential of my life, and things have been flowing to me with ease. Thanks so much Ken.

Rachael Jayne Groover Founder: The Yin Project; Author: Powerful AND Feminine | RachaelJayne.com June 27, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions:

Each participant will experience something different. This is a function of many obvious things — such as your life to this point, your perspective, the way you’re wired emotionally, and so on. It’s also a function of many things that aren’t so obvious — your current stage of consciousness, the degree of your embodiment and a number of other factors.

Through your participation you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions to ensure this workshop serves your needs and supports you in making the most of this opportunity so you can begin more fully experiencing the embodied Divine in all aspects of your being and life.

There are no prerequisites for this workshop. Beyond this: you were born with everything you need — and it’s all inside, right now – no matter what has unfolded in your life to this point.

You can expect to experience exactly what you need right now to support you in moving forward on your journey to experiencing yourself as you actually are. And it’s also best to let go of expectations completely when going into any program, session, or workshop with Ken.

If you’re ready to commit to the next step in exploring the Divine within at an even deeper level – this workshop is the perfect next step in your journey.

You’re invited to listen to the replay of Community Call and Group Session that Ken hosted on Monday March 23rd, 2020 – below. Or email support(at)KenWStone.com .


You are invited to engage fully with each session. If possible, please place yourself in an area where you won’t be disturbed by others, where you can relax and close your eyes and listen to the session – and be with your own experience, whatever it is.


You are asked to engage with an open mind and heart. Open to new experiences that might unfold, and new perspectives that might contradict the way you current see or understand things. And open and respectful to others who may perceive the world or topics under discussion differently than you do. One of the things Ken appreciates and values highly is the diversity of perspective and experience that gathers for each class that he teaches, and each session, workshop, and retreat that he facilitates.

The simple answer is no.

If you’re interested in evaluating Ken’s work for free, you are invited to participate in the weekly community circle on Ken’s YouTube Channel, register for The Resonance Experiment (https://ResonanceExperiment.com) – or to listen to the Community Call and Group Session which took place on the 23rd of March 2020 (https://kenwstone.com/community-call-and-group-session/).

This workshop presents a unique opportunity to work with Ken and engage with a virtual group at a time when there is so much uncertainty with regard to matters “out in the world.” This workshop is designed to support you in a diving deep within yourself to experience the Divine more fully. We trust that whatever is needed will unfold for you, and encourage you to be open to whatever opens up within you. No refunds are offered.

The Deep Dive Workshop Includes

  • An opportunity for you to go even deeper with one of the four primary themes explored above — so you can sink below the noise, chaos, and fear that may be up the surface in your life and the world right now, and discover and experience the peace and resonance that is already within you.
  • An opportunity not only to understand, but to also experience. Often times spiritual knowledge sounds compelling, but is difficult to implement or open to experientially. God’s expression through Ken supports those who sit with him in transmission (live or recorded) an opportunity to deeply experience the ineffable.
  • An opportunity for you to reconnect to yourself, the Divine, and all of creation, as you open up to and experience of the source of all true healing, joy, peace, and love.
  • A three-hour virtual workshop, so you can participate from your location, requiring only an internet or phone connection.
  • An opportunity to be in community with other like-minded people from around the world.
  • Plus a private Facebook Group where you can reflect, share, and connect with other participants.

Everything about my life has changed. EVERYTHING!! How I will conduct business, how I’ll lead a workshop, how I can be in public. All the pieces of the puzzles that I’ve been working on for years came together during my session with Ken.

Jan Stringer Spiritual Messenger, Speaker and Author | PerfectCustomers.com June 11, 2018

Ken Stone truly is the Soul Archaeologist. Of all the teachers and various courses that I’ve taken and people that I’ve met in my 60 years He is the first person that I’ve met who has this unique approach and ability to enable a person to tune in and discover their soul and reconnect with their soul.

Lynda Paquette Seward, Alaska June 27, 2018

Join This Extraordinary Circle, and Open Your Consciousness and Awareness, and More Fully Experience and Integrate the Embodied Divine Within

The Deep Dive Workshop
Series Pass :

Workshop Series

Regular Price: $497/Month

Special Discount: $197/Month

Or Join the Resonance Community for $247/Month Includes this Program and Many Others Click This Link for More Information

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