Hire Ken for Your Next Meeting: The X-Factor For Ultimate Performance

Hire Ken for Your Next Meeting: The X-Factor For Ultimate Performance

The X-Factor For Ultimate Performance

Comes Down to One Thing

Ken Stone "The Soul Archaeologist" Smiling Left

Ken W. Stone, known as “The Soul Archaeologist,” made a name for himself by showcasing his gift to help people uncover, experience, and embody the buried treasure of Divine Presence that is within everyone.

Stone is the creator of the in-demand courses Igniting Resonance, Amplifying Resonance, and Embodying Resonance, and Keynote messages, X-Factor for Elite Athletes: Ultimate Performance Comes Down to One Thing, and Finding Resonance in the C-Suite, helps coaches and executives, high performing teams, and elite athletes unlock and express their full divine potential on the playing field. His programming helps clients open to deepen and expand experiences of being in the zone individually and as a team, professionally and personally, through unique experiential learning practices.

When your team operates in a unified, deeply resonant manner—when they are individually and collectively embodied in Divine Resonance—they have begun to leverage the X-factor for ultimate performance for elite athletes.

Keynote Speech Topics

  • X-Factor for Elite Athletes: Ultimate Performance Comes Down to One Thing

    • You have already achieved at a level few, if anyone, in your field will ever accomplish.
    • You have optimized your training, nutrition, and mindset.
    • Now it’s time to do the work of the “last 3%”—to realize and express your full divine potential.
  • X-Factor for High Performing Teams: Cohesion and Greater Success Comes Down to One Thing

    • Your team has been recognized for their success individually and collectively—but you know they are capable of more.
    • Now the challenge is breaking through to the next level of success to realize your collective potential and greatness while sustaining a deeper level of cohesion as a team.
    • To move, create, and play as one while developing the individual gifts of each member of the team.
  • X-Factor for Visionary Coaches and Executives: Leadership and Legacy Comes Down to One Thing

    • You had the vision and you executed.
    • The results speak for themselves.
    • Now it’s time to take it to the next level.

Meeting Planners are the Heroes of the Event!

You have an essential role in the production of successful conference, executive meeting, team training, and more. Ken is one of the easiest speakers you will ever work with.

  • To book Ken W. Stone for your next event or to experience the X-Factor for ultimate performance, email or call Ken directly.

Praise for Ken’s Work

I so believe in Ken’s message and of him helping us evolve because obviously the world is in a very strange situation, and we’re in evolution, and the evolution is completely grounded in his understanding of resonance and vibrations. And that’s where the seed of this revolution is coming from.

Dr. Bruce Lipton - Stem Cell Biologist, Best-Selling Author and Goi Peace Award Winner November 9, 2022

I think the better word for what Ken Stone does, is “bless.” I have had some wonderful healing work done on me by some very powerful healers and Ken is, bar none, THE most powerful healing force I have ever encountered. Truly, truly amazing and miraculous! Whoa!

Angelique Love Singer Denver, Colorado July 16, 2018

Ken has truly helped me to become the type of leader and messenger that people are inspired to listen to and follow and I highly recommend you work with him too.

Natalie Ledwell Spiritual Messenger, Speaker, Author and Co-Founder of Mind Movies | MindMovies.com April 23, 2019

I’ve done retreats, I’ve led retreats, I’ve been to other events, but Ken’s was the purest form that I’ve ever been invited into – it was a safe space for everyone to be with themselves and to be with one another. I would invite you to work with Ken to come to any of his events and know that you’ll be safe.

Barbara Brown Lake Dallas, Texas June 27, 2018

I heard this about poetry – it serves to bring the strange down. I think Ken brings the strange down. He knows how to make the inaccessible accessible in language that makes sense to khakis, socks, and button-down shirts. Ken is like a Tony Robbins of the soul.

Mari Sosa Tucson, Arizona November 8, 2022

It’s been just amazing. Ken was a fantastic facilitator – he opened up the space and held it for everyone to drop in deep and really get a deeper understanding of where they love operating really and where they love playing.

Louise Moriarty Tugun, Australia June 27, 2018

I guess I will never understand what made me link from an unexpected email to a video in which I spent 38 minutes lost—yes, lost—transported, entranced, falling in love with a simple breath process, which has little to do with breathing. Still, here I am over ten years later continually captivated by the unpretentious, comfortable, and yet fantastically inspiring work of Ken Stone. Indeed, here I am waiting impatiently to find out what will show up next—not from him—from me as a result of doing this work.

Jess Sanders Denver, Colorado June 27, 2018

Personal Note from Ken

I support elite athletes and high performing teams, in opening up to a conveyor belt of deep flow and resonance, the likes of which you have never encountered before. And not just in you. In the entire team – and if you’re willing to play at this level, in the entire organization.

You could be the #1 ranked golf or tennis player (or the most successful coach or executive), and I guarantee there’s an even more complete expression of your genius as the elite athlete that you are. . . and this work will help you uncover and express it.

I’m looking forward to working with you, to support you in tapping into and fully expressing 100% of your divine potential on the field of play, and in every aspect of your life.