High Performers: Experience the X-Factor For Ultimate Success

High Performers: Experience the X-Factor For Ultimate Success

High Performing Entrepreneurs and Executives

Break Through the Final Barrier and Experience 100% of Your (Divine) Potential

Dear High Performer,

What is the X-Factor for Ultimate Success?

Is it mindset? If you don’t already have mindset figured out yet, then yes. But you already have your mindset dialed in, and it’s not taking you through the final tipping point, is it?

Is it visualization? Just like mindset, the answer is yes if you don’t have this already dialed in. But you can’t visualize your way through the final tipping point or you would have already done so.

The answer has to be consciousness—but how? How can you shift your consciousness so you can break through?

Plant medicine doesn’t hold the answer even though it appears that it does . . for a time.

Like everything else you’ve tried: life hacking, bio hacking, energy hacking—none of it sustains. The temporary pop isn’t enough to crack through.

In the game of optimization, you’ve already optimized everything . . . but it’s not enough. What’s next? What will actually work?

  • It’s Time to Break Through Another Barrier

    • You are an eagle who was born to fly. You’re flying in ways that few others ever have. But deep down inside, you know you have more within you.
    • Once you thought yourself incapable of flying. Then you broke through and figured out how to fly. Now it’s simple: Just do X, Y, and Z-it works every time.
    • But now you’re ready to soar. No matter how effective X, Y, and Z are for flying, they are not the key to soaring.
  • The Key: An Experiential Shift in Consciousness

    • You’ve reached the limits of conventional knowledge. You are about to tip into a flow state which sustains and expands on its own momentum.
    • To open to this experience, you must surrender everything you think you know and understand about how to fly.
    • You are about consciously step into the unknown not once or twice, but continuously as you shift from knowing how to fly, to being flown, to soaring.
  • Deep Flow Without a Conventional Cause: An Experience of Embodied Divine Resonance

      Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

    • To realize your 100% of divine potential requires the developmental work of opening to a new consciousness-one that erupts from experiencing the unknown Divine Mystery—the source of all sustaining resonance.
    • As Divine Presence become Embodied Divine Resonance the eagle who knew how to fly becomes an eagle being flown.
    • As Embodied Divine Resonance integrates, the eagle being flown begins to soar, capable of so much more than could have ever been imagined, whose potential was somehow known.
  • This work can take place individually or in a team setting. Learn more on the speaking page.

    If you’re on your way to becoming an high performer and not yet ready for one-on-one or team work I invite you to explore resonance institute membership, which includes live large-group virtual work and self-study programs to support you in the developmental work that is front of you right now.

    If my approach for supporting high performers resonates with you, I would love to explore whether it makes sense for us to work together. Please contact me to explore how to take the next step.