Your Divine Purpose – The Most Important Mission of Your Life

Your Divine Purpose – The Most Important Mission of Your Life

Integrate and Embody Your Spiritual Gifts and Message

And Your Divine Purpose Will Follow

Dear Divine Light,

From my perspective, there are two ways to think about your divine purpose: It is to embody and integrate. Or your divine purpose is the natural result of discovering your unique spiritual gifts and message. Both are true.

To embody your soul and integrate your separate self is essential and very much what is in the queue for each and every human on the planet. There’s no way to truly discover your spiritual gifts and message if you haven’t committed yourself to experience the Divine within first.

The path of discovering your unique spiritual gifts is entirely a function discovering, exploring, and embodying divine presence.

The process of discovering your message is the result of sharing and exploring your spiritual gifts with others: it begins to appear and find language the more you embody your gifts while allowing them to fully express.

Once your gifts and message have begun expressing, your divine purpose follows – for as you experience greater intimacy with the Divine, a compass and your true north begins to reveal itself.

  • Your Divine Purpose Continually Reveals Itself To You

    • Your Divine Purpose is never fully known for it reveals itself to you with each step you take further into the embodied and integrated experience of the Divine Mystery.
    • Your Divine Purpose is revealed though your being expression in every aspect of your life.
    • Your Divine Purpose is congruent with your personality as well as your personal preferences.
    • Many spiritual messengers are surprised to discover this, thinking instead that these aspects of self once integrated disappear. Instead, they express in their wholeness without any distortion.
  • Every Aspect of You Was Made for Your Divine Purpose

    • A common myth about integration is that the personality, ego, and all personal preferences die. This is not the case.
    • Your whole self includes your personality ego, and preferences – all of which have been with you at each developmental stage of your life.
    • Your separate self is simply your unintegrated whole self.
    • You quite literally were born for your Divine Purpose. Not one aspect of you, nor one moment of your life has been or is unnecessary.
  • Though You May Share the Same Divine Mission as Many Others – Your Expression is Unique

    • Your spiritual gifts are unique; they are the raw expression of Divine Presence in, as, and through you.
    • Your message is unique; it is the result of the Divine Mystery embodied and integrated enough to begin expressing with language. In the end you are the living expression of your message.
    • Your mission is the natural outflow of your gifts and message; always exclusively a function of what is revealed as you step further into the unknown Divine Mystery.

If my approach and awareness around your divine purpose resonates with you, I would love to support you in discovering and exploring yours.

There are three ways for you to do this with me:

First : You could dip your toe in the metaphorical water with me and my work, by joining me for Exploring Divine Resonance which is a robust, free, 17-week self-study program.

Second: You could join me for through more advanced self-study and live program exploration with a Resonance Institute Membership.

Third: If you are a spiritual messenger, elite athlete, or member of a high-performing team, there may be an opportunity for us to work together one-on-one or in small group. I encourage you to explore my speaking page to learn more about my work on this level.

I’m looking forward to working with you, to support you in discovering, exploring, and embodying your divine purpose.