Elite Athletes: Experience The X-Factor For Ultimate Performance

Elite Athletes: Experience The X-Factor For Ultimate Performance

Elite Athletes: Experience the X-Factor For Ultimate Performance

And the Key to Experiencing Sustaining Inner Peace and Fulfillment

Dear Elite Athlete,

You have achieved at a level few others ever do, and yet . . . you’re looking for a way to break through to a new level of success, to deepen and expand your experience of the zone, to be more fulfilled. You know it’s possible, you just don’t yet know how.

You were born for greatness, the only question now is how to realize your full potential.

You have an extraordinary team that you work with who address all your known needs: nutrition, strength and conditioning, mindset, and more. Working with your team has been a critical component of what got you to where you are in your journey as an elite athlete. Continuing with your team isn’t up for negotiation: they are essential.

You’ve been on the hunt for the X-Factor that will take your game to the next level. As powerful as the solutions and resources you’ve utilized—together with your hard work, discipline, and vision—have been in supporting you in getting to where you are in your career and development, something new is required for the next breakthrough.

Everything you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked and you’re beginning to wonder if the X-Factor for ultimate performance exists. You want to play within the rules and honor your body temple, so chemistry doesn’t hold the answer for you. As powerful as energy work, intention setting, and visualization are, they’re not getting it done for you.

The answer is spiritual. But how? How does the Divine (by whatever name) hold the key to ultimate performance, fulfillment, and deep flow states beyond anything you can imagine?

Is it about faith? No. The X-Factor to ultimate performance is about experience.

The Spiritual Underlies Every Aspect of Life

  • Deep Spiritual Work is the Key to Experiencing and Expressing 100% of Your Divine Potential.

    • Working with high performers since the fall of 2011, I have witnessed how deep spiritual work profoundly impacts every single aspect of one’s inner and outer life.
    • Many of my clients initially thought the key to their success were their beliefs and mental skills because that’s how they became so successful before working with me.
    • After working together they discovered something entirely different within themselves – the keel I spoke about metaphorically in the video above. Unknown—yet fully experienced and expressed. The more it embodied and integrated, the more miraculous their life became, and the more their divine potential expressed.
    • After more than ten years of this work I have distilled its essence down to one thing. The one thing that will allow you to unlock, experience, and express 100% of your Divine Potential.
    • As an elite athlete, you’ve already done all the prep work. You know what God put you here for, and you have already developed the discipline, focus, and drive so essential in your success to this point. You have what it takes to be able to do this next level work, while immediately recognizing and benefiting from its implementation.

Embodied Divine Resonance is the Key

  • When You Embody and Integrate Divine Resonance, You Experience X-Factor For Ultimate Performance

    • The work of soul embodiment is an experiential practice which enlivens both the unresolved noise/dissonance/trauma held in your body and field, as well as all undistorted expressions of divine presence as you. Two opportunities come with this work: transmute the noise, and open to a more complete expression of your whole self.

      When this work is engaged by someone who isn’t clear about their God-given talents and purpose, it eventually leads to their discovery and expression. With elite athletes who are ready to do the deep inner spiritual work, this work results in more of your gifts as an athlete expressing.
    • The work of integration is intimately connected to soul embodiment and eventually ensures that 100% of divine potential is experienced and expressed. These experiences and expressions are not limited to the field of play, so those who engage fully with this work experience sustaining resonance in all aspects of their inner and outer life.
    • NOTE: This is not flip-a-light-switch kind of work. It’s profound, challenging, slow work. If you still think there’s a quick fix, you’re not yet ready to do this work.
    • The additional by-products of engaging with this work are extensive: Faster recovery and healing, greater cohesion when teammates are involved the field of play as well is with professional and personal relationships, deep flow states which sustain professionally and personally, which is simply unavailable through any other approach. and much more. The upside is extraordinary, but it takes hard work on a sustaining basis for this level of being expression to integrate and express into all aspects of your life.
  • The Most Profound Byproduct of Embodied Divine Resonance is Sustaining Inner Peace and Fulfillment

    • No matter what is unfolding for you professionally or personally.
    • Most all extraordinary achievement takes place in stage two consciousness and its glass ceiling creates a challenging barrier no matter what you have accomplished in your career.
    • The glass ceiling such a pronounced experience for elite athletes, I refer to it as the top performing high achiever’s glass ceiling.
    • Running into it leads to a sense of being disconnected from self, an inability to replicate earlier success whether utilizing earlier or new strategies, and a lack of sustaining inner peace and fulfillment.
    • Embodying and integrating Divine Presence leads to an extraordinary inner state of resonance on every level of the being and life.
    • Which in turn leads to an experience of sustaining inner peace and fulfillment.
    • This is the work of the last 3%: it leads to the fully integrated self – the undistorted experience and expression of the Divine in, through, and as you.
  • There are Three Ways to Engage with Me in this Work:

    • Through self-study programs and limited live large virtual group sessions with a Resonance Institute Membership.
    • In a small group with your athletic team.
    • Individually, through one-on-one private sessions with me.
    • If you’re interested in exploring small group or individual work, please drop me an email, and let me know a little about what you’re looking for so I can be in touch.

I’m looking forward to working with you, to support you in experiencing Embodied Divine Presence, the X-Factor for Ultimate Performance and Sustaining Inner Peace and Fulfillment. So you can make the most of your God given gifts and natural talents, and experience each aspect of life in alignment and resonance with the Divine.