Unique, Powerful Support For Your Journey As A Spiritual Messenger

Unique, Powerful Support For Your Journey As A Spiritual Messenger

Unique, Powerful Support For Your Journey As A Spiritual Messenger

Dear Spiritual Messenger,

I want to address your unique and specific needs as a spiritual messenger as well as the opportunity in front of you with this work.

  • First — What Do I Mean When I Use the Term Spiritual Messenger?

    • A spiritual messenger is one who has begun the profound work of integrating all aspects of their separate self (a process I call Spiritual Mastery) and who also at some point becomes consciously aware of how their relationship with the Divine within expresses in their interaction with others and the natural world. Being a spiritual messenger isn’t dependent on the particular expression professionally or personally.
    • An Embodied Messenger is one who who shares their gifts (God’s unique expression as them) merely by their presence.
    • We are all (on this planet) Embodied Messengers.
  • The Spiritual Messengers I work with come in all flavors and perspectives, from every developmental phase of the messenger’s journey. I work with . . .

    • Messengers who have been feeling called to something deep within them but can’t even say what it is – so they can take the next step into the Divine Mystery and their deeper purpose.
    • Spiritual Messengers who have felt the call and responded and are now looking for some additional support in their journey deeper into the Divine Mystery.
    • World-renowned messengers who are best-selling authors and speakers so they can fully embody their global mission and message, profoundly serving those they’re meant to support.
    • Elite athletes and high-performing teams so they can unlock the x-factor to ultimate success and fulfillment and realize their full divine potential.
    • And everyone in between . . .
  • The Opportunity With This Work Comes Down to Three Simple, Yet Powerful Opportunities:

    • To be profoundly fulfilled on a sustaining basis in every aspect of your life.
    • To uncover momentum and meaning in a manner you have never before experienced.
    • To honor your divine purpose and fully express and experience your divine potential.

The teacher in me has always wanted to understand how it all fits together, so I can explain it. The divine expression in me has always woven it all together, though I can’t think of a single example where it unfolded in a sequential, understandable way in “real time.” For me it’s always been clarity and structure in the rear-view-mirror. Whereas what is unfolding now, is simply the Divine Mystery expressed as … the individuals, groups, teams, and organizations with whom I engage with this work.

I’m teaching what I see to offer handholds and footholds to those with whom I share this work, so we can all more fully realize our divine potential. The separate self wants to know and understand. The whole self simply is—without any reliance on knowledge or understanding.

There is a fundamental truth we must not lose sight of: we are all already whole. You are already fully integrated. The separate perspective that gives rise to the seeker/unsatisfied, broken or wounded self within is not real, no matter how compelling the illusion of its truth may be. You likely already know this at some level. It’s the embodied experience of this that may offer the greatest opportunity for growth.

If you’re looking for a place to begin or continue your developmental work as a spiritual messenger Resonance Institute Membership offers a comprehensive set of classes, resources, and support.

If you’re looking to break through to the next level as an elite athlete, member of a high-performing team, or as spiritual messenger engaged in your mission on the world stage, I encourage you to explore my speaking page to learn more about my work on this level.

I’m looking forward to working with you, to support you in tapping into and fully expressing 100% of your divine potential in every aspect of your life.