The Last 3 Percent

The Last 3 Percent

When You’re at the Top of Your Game, and Still Aren’t Experiencing Sustaining Inner Peace and Fulfillment . . .

It’s Time to Do the Work of the Last 3 Percent

Since I first began sharing my spiritual gifts in 2008, I have discovered the essential role an embodied and integrated experience of Divine Presence plays in realizing 100% of one’s potential, while also experiencing sustaining inner peace and fulfilment.

For high-performing individuals and teams experiencing this trifecta of ultimate performance is elusive and frustrating. The traditional blueprint for success calls for talent, practice, and personal mastery. In other words, success is accelerated from the life-changing work of practice, mindset, focus, and intention.

The challenge is that while personal mastery delivers extraordinary results, it eventually becomes a glass ceiling at 97%—the very thing that stops you from realizing 100%. This leads to high performers who appear to be successful, accomplished, and happy, but who are privately suffering, feeling they are capable of something more, without a lasting experience of peace or fulfillment. Something is still missing.

The last 3% requires a shift from personal mastery to spiritual mastery. As one begins to explore and integrate Divine Presence, the source of internal momentum shifts from mindset, visualization, and intention, to a profound experience of resonance in the body. This resonance becomes the source of energy and momentum.

Where once a glass ceiling held you back, now you are fully realized and expressed. Peace and fulfillment underly every aspect of life. Something extraordinary has shifted.

  • Symptoms of the 97% Glass Ceiling Include:

    • What worked before isn’t anymore. You used to be able to set your goals, visualize them, and make them happen. Now, whatever you do, nothing changes. What is broken? What can you do differently to break out of this slump?
    • The internal discomfort you thought your achievements would solve didn’t resolve. The pain is still there, and with it the ghosts from earlier in your life you thought you left behind.
    • In your quiet moments inner peace and fulfillment remain elusive.
  • The Last 3 Percent Requires:

    • A shift in consciousness that will open you to an experiential dynamic beyond anything you have ever before imagined.
    • Unlike every other shift in consciousness you’ve already navigated, the next one, which will open you to the work of the last 3%, isn’t something you can think or visualize your way into.
    • You’ve completed your developmental work in the stage of consciousness that has delivered you to the top of your game, now it’s time for the next stage of consciousness.

Consciousness is the lens through which you interpret and experience everything internally and externally. Awareness is what happens when your consciousness is embodied at a deep enough level that words can be utilized, even though what is being spoken of necessarily can’t be pointed to directly with words.

Ken W. Stone - Spiritual Messenger and Author October 22, 2018

  • You’re Ready to do this Work if:

    • You’ve put in the work necessary to be at the top of your game.
    • You’ve already optimized and hacked your way to the perfect mindset, diet, team, and practice regiment. You have mastered personal mastery.
    • You’re at the end of your rope looking for the solution and are open to a different approach.
  • If you’re ready to do the work of the last 3 percent I would love to walk with you on what I’m confident will become the most challenging and rewarding journey yet. Three options are available: dip your toe (free self-study online class), resonance institute membership (extensive group based virtual support), and if we’re the right fit for each other: one-on-one work.

    Much Love and Peace,