Your Spiritual Gifts – Unlock Significance And Impact In The World

Your Spiritual Gifts – Unlock Significance And Impact In The World

Discover, Explore, and Share Your Spiritual Gifts

The Raw Expression Of The Divine As You

Dear Divine Expression,

Discovering your spiritual gifts is one of the most frequently focused on areas of study my students and private session clients have wanted to explore since I started exploring my spiritual gifts with others in January of 2008.

Often the answer appears spontaneously express in our work together but it’s not an accident. It is inevitable that you will begin discovering your unique spiritual gifts once you commit to doing deep inner spiritual work.

The reason is simple: with greater intimacy with the Divine, eventually you will become consciously aware of the Divine’s raw expression as you.

  • But There’s a Challenge (and Opportunity) to Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts:

    • Deeper Intimacy with the Divine Mystery tends to stir up the noise that is as yet un-integrated in any human being.
    • Unintegrated Noise Enlivens as the Separate Self which tends to express in this context with fear, anger, and other triggered emotions.
    • A Conscious Soul Embodiment Practice Ensures the noise is transmuted, which in turn allows these previously unintegrated aspect to embody and integrate, which then expresses as another aspect of the whole self.
    • With a Greater Expression of the Whole Self comes more of the raw expression of the Divine as you.
  • Eventually A Tipping Point is Reached in Exploring Your Spiritual Gifts:

    • The Whole Self’s Expression is Embodied and Integrated Enough and the raw expression of God through you begins expressing as your gifts.
    • The Expression of Your Gifts can happen very quickly – or it can take a while.
    • The Length of Time it Takes for Your Unique Spiritual Gifts to Express has no meaning, for each of us is on our own individual journey to embody and integrate.
  • With Each New Tipping Point Comes Deeper Embodiment, Integration, and the More Complete Expression of Your Spiritual Gifts

    • The Gift of Presence as You in every interaction to which you are called and undertake.
    • The Gifts of Each Stage of Consciousness amplifying connection with those with whom you’re meant to walk.
    • A Life of Sustaining Resonance unfolding in every aspect of your life.

The Journey of Embodiment and Integration is so profound, it is often overlooked in favor of a result—the point at which the gift can be named and packaged up for someone else’s consumption; a goal accomplished, the precursor to peace, meaning, and fulfillment.

The Pursued Meaning and Fulfillment Are Available with each step in the journey of embodiment and integration. The gift is now, the process richly imbued with the forever pursued result, easy to overlook if for no other reason than the momentum the habits of the separate self possess.

If you’re looking for a container in which to continue your discovery of your spiritual gifts Resonance Institute Membership offers a comprehensive set of classes, resources, and support.

If you’d like to dip your toe in the water first Exploring Divine Resonance is a free, 17-week self-study program that is a powerful introduction to my teachings and work, and a great place to start.

I’m looking forward to working with you, to support you in discovering your unique spiritual gifts, so you can unlock significance, fulfillment, and meaning in your life and in the world.