Learn More About Resonance: The Path of Spiritual Mastery

Learn More About Resonance: The Path of Spiritual Mastery

Ken’s first book—Resonance: The Path of Spiritual Mastery has not yet been released.

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About Book I:

The Divine, by whatever name, is in everyone. Most people already have some concept of God, yet nearly everyone seeks a deeper experience of God in their body and life.

Resonance: The Path of Spiritual Mastery delivers readers a felt-in-the-body direct experience of the Divine. It introduces a user-friendly structure for opening to deeper intimacy with this essential presence, and all the extraordinary expressions of resonance that unfold in the body, mind, and life as a result. The peace of God, spontaneous healing, improved relationships, deeper connection with self, and discovering divine purpose are among the possible benefits to readers as they engage with this book and integrate the teachings and transmissions within it.

Spiritual Seekers are looking for a practical spiritual guide which expands their understanding and experience of the ineffable for three reasons:

  • The extensive body of personal mastery literature has thoroughly explored the practical application of intention and other control-based metaphysics. Yet the glass ceiling of these approaches has left seekers hungry for a sustaining spiritual solution to one of the foundational questions and challenges associated with the human condition: how are we to move beyond our apparent limitations to realize our full potential?
  • The canon of books focused on mindfulness and other integrated spiritual practices delivers an essential passageway for transcending the boundaries of the separate self, as well as the self-interested limits of personal mastery. Yet as powerful and essential as these resources are in our spiritual development, they stop short of the mystical experiences that are the true desire of every seeker.
  • Mystics offer written transmission of their personal experiences, and share awareness through poetry, allegory, or parable; but it is rare to find a road map and structure which takes the reader by the hand and guides them to a direct encounter with God.

The book that delivers a new experience of the Divine through an accessible structure which fundamentally alters the reader’s understanding of themselves and life will be breakout in a crowded spiritual marketplace. It will provide hungry seekers with what they most want: a manual for engaging and experiencing the mystical, independent of any particular religious or spiritual perspective. Resonance: The Path of Spiritual Mastery is this book.

This book is the first in-depth written transmission of Ken’s teachings and is the first of four books on this structure. It is the bedrock upon which the foundation of spiritual mastery is built.

Praise for Resonance: The Path of Spiritual Mastery

A profound book, giving new birth to the God within us with simple words and brilliant insights.

Jania Aebi - Switzerland Spiritual Messenger, Author, and Healer December 23, 2019

Profoundly wonderful and delicious path! Grateful. I read a chapter a day and completed the meditation the following morning. The separate self is at risk, not who I am. Profound. Makes it simple.

Roy Sargent Colorado December 23, 2019

As I moved through Chapter 5 (On Healing), it felt like weights were just falling off my shoulders, that many of the things I have been working so hard on, were unnecessary to carry, no longer true, too heavy. I feel lighter and actually bigger somehow when I leave the chapter and go out into regular life.

Judi Clinton from Iowa September 10, 2019

I like the book and how it affects me personally. One thing I recognize is that we initially process what we read in our minds. Your writing seems to affect me in a deeper way at a deeper level, maybe like a transmission.

Mark Rothman May 30, 2019

What I love about this book is it doesn’t promise a quick way to fix everything, do this and here is the result. Instead it is like a living being which takes me by my hand guiding me further and deeper inside myself.

Sometimes by challenging me and my beliefs, sometimes by giving me feedback on what I know in my depth but was not aware of on a conscious level, sometimes by triggering up my emotions with a word or sentence, letting me know, here is something that is ready to be looked at, to be felt by me and then be transmuted.

Sometimes I just stare at the words or a sentence and they don’t make sense. I don’t I understand anything, but beneath I can feel there is a deep transmission occurring.

Anette Rutfjäll Sweden April 1, 2019

The Other Books in this Series:

Ken has been guided to share the complete written transmission of the Spiritual Mastery and Spiritual Messenger Mastery curricula through this series of books.

Book II—Amplifying Resonance: The Six Practices of Spiritual Mastery will include the most complete written transmission around each of the core practices, as well as a complete set of audio transmissions so readers can not only learn, but also experience each practice at the conclusion of each chapter.

Building on the bedrock and exploration of ideas and the discovery and experience of the Divine within that accompanies Book 1, this book will explore the spiritual foundation and concurrent invitation of each of the six practices of Spiritual Mastery. Readers will move further into the river of divine resonance as they experience each of the practices and be armed with a series of tools that can support every phase of the developmental journey in consciousness with which we are all engaged.

Book III—Embodying Resonance: Awaken the Messenger Within is the bridge between Spiritual Mastery and Spiritual Messenger Mastery, supporting the reader in opening to one of the essential calls in their life and to step further into their divine mission.

Book IV—Spiritual Messenger Mastery: Be an Embodied Messenger is an exploration of each of the 11 steps in the messenger’s journey, and the associated work necessary to complete the work of integrating the Divine Mystery into every inner and outer aspect of one’s being and life.

Each of these books has as its foundation and initial exploration, a program which Ken has taught and is now available as an online self-study program for interested students who wish to discover, explore, and integrate this work. Learn more on the programs page.

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