Experience a Retreat with Ken and Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth

Experience a Retreat with Ken and Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth

When You Are Ready to Engage on a Deeper Level

I offer virtual and in-person retreats and workshops on a regular basis to support you in accelerating your spiritual growth, opening to a more intimate experience of the Divine within, and more fully honoring your Divine Gifts, Message, and Mission.

The spiritual underlies all other aspects of one’s inner and outer life. Focusing on accelerating your spiritual growth opens such a profound perceptual and expanding experience of resonance, it’s difficult to put into words how impactful a retreat or workshop could be for you.

One area workshop and retreat participants experience a meaningful shifts, is in their relationship and intimacy with God (by whatever name). This can be experienced through enhanced intuitive awareness, a deeper visceral experience of the Divine, and a stronger expression of the Divine’s expression through one’s being, which I often refer to as your spiritual gifts.

Deeper intimacy with the Divine can also be experienced as a deeper sense of flow, purpose, and meaning. With each step deeper into the expression and experience of the Divine within comes a stronger pull to honor your Divine Gifts and Purpose.

As you more fully honor your divine gifts a deeper sense of resonance and meaning continue to flood through every aspect of your inner and outer being and life. The ever expanding and deepening sense of resonance leads to even more flow, meaning, and fulfillment.

God’s expression through me in session supports you in deepening your experience of the Divine within and stepping further into your Divine Gifts, Message, and Mission.

These Spiritual Retreats and Workshops are Available to Support You in Accelerating Your Spiritual Growth – and in Your Journey as A Spiritual Messenger

  • The Second Monday Circle

    • A new collaboration with Transpersonal Psychotherapist, and Shamanic and Qigong Practitioner Scott Tate, with whom I have worked for years
    • We’ve set aside time to facilitate this circle together on the second Monday of April, May, and June, 2023
    • This virtual meditative healing transmission session is for individuals who are focused on engaging with the next level of their healing and spiritual work
    • Learn more about the Second Monday Circle here
  • The Deep Dive Virtual Retreats

    • Inspired by the idea of a book tour once every book I am meant to write has been written and published, this virtual retreat series has become an important ongoing resource in the lives of everyone who sits in the Deep Dive Circle
    • The Teaching, Transmission, and Q&A Sessions that comprise each Deep Dive offer participants an opportunity to learn, experience, and explore in a profoundly safe and powerful space
    • By participating from your location you have an opportunity to do the deep work that is forever being surfaced in your life in context
    • This series began in March of 2020 and takes place on a regular, recurring basis
    • The Audio, Video, and (when available) Transcripts from all prior Deep Dives are included for all participants in this powerful circle
    • Learn more about the Deep Dive Circle here
  • Mystical Healing Experience in Tucson, Arizona:

    • The Mystical Healing Experience took place in Tucson, Arizona April 23-24, 2022 and featured Neale Donald Walsch, Shaman Durek, Rob Wergin, Christy Whitman, Hemal H. Patel PhD, Dan Horner, and Ken.
    • Watch the First Part of Ken’s Talk Here:
  • The Embodied Mystical Experience

    • 2 Day Workshop held in June of 2022 in Tucson, Arizona
    • Video and Audio of each day, including teaching, transmission, and Q&A
    • Coming Soon: this workshop will be available as a self-study experience
  • 4 Days of Embodiment:

    • 4 Day Virtual Retreat with two days focused on vertical embodiment (spiritual mastery) and two days focused on horizontal embodiment (spiritual messenger mastery)
    • Now available as a self-study including video, audio, and transcriptions for each session over the four-day experience
    • Learn More and Complete Your Registration for the 4 Days of Embodiment Virtual Retreat
  • Additional Retreats, Workshops, and Events:

    • If You Would Like Me to Speak at Your Event, or you would like to host a talk, workshop, or retreat, please visit the speaking page

I’m energized by this opportunity to sit with you in workshop or retreat, in whatever way most resonates with you, so you can experience every aspect of your divine potential.