Is it a Tree?

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Is it a Tree?




Ken W Stone

Your consciousness impacts everything, including the way you perceive yourself, others, and the world at large. No matter how small, there isn’t one aspect of your life that’s not profoundly impacted by your consciousness.

Consciousness is a lens through which we perceive everything. It changes over time, a function of different factors.

Some people think of these changes as evolutionary. I consider them developmental—with four primary stages of consciousness each human being has the opportunity to explore and experience, with a fifth stage (zero) as a universal lens at birth.

Stages one, two, and three are unintegrated experiences, whereas stage four is integrated. By unintegrated, I mean some aspect of the separate self is being primarily identified with. It’s this very aspect of the separate self that once integrated, delivers the gifts which accompany stages one, two, and three.

To be clear, the separate self isn’t separate. It’s simply those aspects of the whole self which are not yet integrated. One aspect of the lens the separate self perceives through are the artifacts of the illusion of separation and their essential role in whatever meaning is derived. It would be reasonable to think this would lead to a homogenous perceptual view, but this is not the case.

The lenses of the unintegrated stages of consciousness reveal radically different perspectives with the exact same set of circumstances. For example, a natural disaster might be interpreted in stage one as further evidence of a lack of God’s presence; in stage two, a reflection illuminating an opportunity to refine one’s thoughts and intentions; in stage three, another aspect of God’s universal presence in everyone and everything.

How could these three disparate perspectives arise from the same exact circumstances? The lens of consciousness impacts how we interpret and perceive everything.


At some point in my journey as a spiritual messenger, I started thinking of the primary challenges we face in our lives, as consciousness amplifiers. I’ve referred to these as the “big five” though there may be more than five. Included on this list are money, relationships/love, health, purpose/meaning, and God.

What I mean by consciousness amplifier is that the thing itself, isn’t what we think it is; instead, it is a placeholder for the illusion of separation which amplifies the individual’s consciousness. This meaning isn’t congruent with the separate self’s perspective—yet if we look at a simple example, you may understand what I mean.

In stage one, money might be seen as the root of all evil. In stage two, the energy of money might be something to master, in order to create or manifest more of it. In stage three, money might be another aspect of Divine Presence.

In separation, money is “other” whereas in wholeness it is not. This is true for all consciousness amplifiers.


At some point in my developmental journey in consciousness over the last five years, I grew tired of the process of exploring the many aspects of my separate self that were being animated and coming up for attention. They all seemed full of drama and when I tried to journal about the noise that was unfolding in my life, I found myself drawn to the story of my feelings, rather than allowing myself to simply feel whatever was under the story.

As you may know, I teach and practice conscious soul embodiment for coming to a deeper experience of the Divine within. Among its many amazing benefits, soul embodiment transmutes the noise of the wrapping paper that surrounds all aspects of the separate self which become animated when they’re ready to integrate. The key to engaging in this form of divine alchemy is to feel fully whatever is coming up for attention (while practicing soul embodiment), without becoming identified with it. Once one does this, the noise is consumed by the fire of embodied divine presence, and all that remains is an aspect of the whole self which is now able to integrate. It is all at once a profound, challenging, and beautiful process.

Rather than trying to enunciate all the particulars of each aspect of my separate self that was being animated, I started thinking of everything being animated as a tree—some aspect of my separate self that was being illuminated for the purpose of integrating, and nothing more. I would say to myself: “It doesn’t matter what kind of tree this is or any of its apparently unique identifying details”—though in separation answering and exploring these questions is paramount.

Every aspect of what is as-yet-unintegrated, is a tree. It appears to be many different (and important) things, but it’s just one thing—another aspect of the illusion of separation as experienced by the separate self melting away, that this aspect of the whole self now integrate.

It looks like money, relationships, health, trying to figure out your purpose, or establishing or improving your relationship with God.

But it’s just a tree. It’s just the separate self showing up to integrate. Or more to the point, it’s just some aspect of the whole self that is as-yet unintegrated. The noise that’s showing up is simply illuminating this fact, and nothing more.

We can chase the illusion as far as we need to, to figure this out. Once we do, we begin to realize, everything that’s showing up is the same. Recognizing this quickly disengages the endless exploration of all the illusory pursuits to master whatever they appear to be. Instead, whatever is showing up is simply an invitation to sink in and feel whatever is coming up to be felt.


May your journey illuminate the forest of trees for what is: a simple reminder this holy and sacred moment contains within it everything necessary to transmute the wrapping paper on this gift that is being delivered on a silver platter, that the gift may be received and integrated, in the process becoming part of your extraordinary divine being expression.

That’s all for now . . . From My Heart.

I’m grateful we’re connected in this way.

Much Love and Peace,


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