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My Authentic Voice

Unrefined, Now with More – From My Heart

From My Heart | on Feb. 07, 2013 | by | 0 Comments

I had a really interesting call with my Facebook tribe last week about building a spiritual business. Lots of questions about how to bridge the gap between what we think we’re supposed to do – and who we really are … you know: the unrefined completely authentic person inside that […]

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I was a crappy dad – From My Heart #11

From My Heart | on Jun. 01, 2011 | by | 0 Comments

I’ve been really struggling to find my authentic voice in my written communication with you. It’s all too easy to get caught up with a facade of what I think I should be, instead of who I am. Here’s who I am: A wonderful loving human being – a flawed man, learning my way and in the same soup that you’re in, trying to figure it out one step at a time.

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