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Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Unrefined, Now with More — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

I had a really interesting call with my Facebook tribe last week about building a spiritual business.

Lots of questions about how to bridge the gap between what we think we’re supposed to do – and who we really are … you know: the unrefined completely authentic person inside that wonder if others will accept you?

When I think about it this tension can exist not just in business – but in every area of life.

I’m voting for the more unrefined version of you – now with more authenticity thrown in!

I’ll be joining you …


This past week I saw a headline to an email: “Are you setting the RIGHT intentions?”
I wanted to rewrite the headline to say: “Learn why your intentions are creating blocks to your success.”

How could your intentions be blocking your success?


I consistently work with clients in private session who are facing physical and emotional challenges.

Would it surprise you to know that I know NOTHING about anatomy, physiology, chemical imbalances – or really anything to do with the mind, how the brain works, or the body and how it works?

It’s true.

And yet my clients regularly have extraordinary experiences of healing.

How could this be?


YOUR intentions are limiting your experience of the Divine.

Consider this:

Let’s accept that your intentions are very powerful. Powerful enough to significantly influence every aspect of your life.

You have a masterpiece that is wanting to express itself in your life. It is necessarily beyond anything you can even imagine … ever (not just now – but at any point in your life).

Your ideas (expressed through your intentions, etc. around not just the process but also around outcomes) are necessarily limited. They are LESS than the Divine masterpiece waiting to express.

The tension you are experiencing arises from your intentions, etc. not being aligned with the Divine masterpiece.

BTW: at some point you will come to the place where they are no longer aligned – as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow. Doesn’t matter how powerful you are as a manifestor, or the level of success you’ve enjoyed in your life.

This is because no matter how “in the flow” you are with your purpose your mind is not capable of even conceiving of the breadth and depth of the masterpiece. Therefore, at some point your ideas will hold back what is wanting to express through you and in your life.

The only way to full open yourself to experience the masterpiece is to set aside your own creative ideas of how and what (for they stop the masterpiece from expressing) and surrender.

If your journey is anything like the one I’ve been on, surrender tends to be a last resort.

But it need not be this way.


Two years ago today I shot my last video at my old house before I moved. It was my oldest daughter’s birthday (she was turning 9 – TODAY she turns 11!!) and I had just wrapped up videos for a new training series.

I had to move because my house was in foreclosure. I had gone through bankruptcy the prior year.

Two years ago I was hoping and praying that my business would make it – and very scared about what lay in front of me.

A lot can change in two years. Indeed, a lot has changed.

The catalyst for that change?



Witnessing another involves surrender – getting out of the way so completely so you can see the other as the Divine sees them.


You are an undistorted conduit through which the Divine expresses.

For others.

For yourself.

This is one of the meanings of: “you are whole.”


Underneath the noise (pain and suffering) is what is real: you are whole = you are the Divine.

What must you learn or understand for this to be true?

There is nothing to learn – you are already whole.


Surrender and open up to an experience of what it means to be whole.


You will know you have surrendered completely when you accept everything exactly as it is.


Witnessing another as they truly are opens a door for the other to see themselves as they truly are.

This is the place where miracles happen.

If you want to open a door to seeing and experiencing what is truly real, spend time with someone who is capable of seeing you for who you really are.


We were all born with the capacity to witness as the Divine.


“Healing” is a natural by-product of remembering and experiencing your wholeness.


Sustained “healing” is a natural by-product of remembering and experiencing your wholeness AND surrendering completely.


When you are hurting, focus not on the pain but on your wholeness.


What is the source of the pain – or the tumor – or the depression?

I may have a spiritual answer, but I can’t begin to answer that question from a medical or psychological standpoint.

From my perspective there is no pain, no tumor, no depression.

I see you as you truly are: whole – an undistorted extension and expression of the Divine.


Seeing and experiencing yourself as whole is available to you all the time.

Indeed, you are already fully awake, fully integrated, and fully enlightened.

That’s it for this week…From My Heart.