Self Judgment – From My Heart

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Internationally Recognized Spiritual Teacher and Healer, and Creator of the Transformational Beneath the Sand Program

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Self Judgment – From My Heart




Ken W Stone

Have you been dealing with self judgment lately? If so you’re not alone! Each week it seems the Divine has a theme for me that pops up in my life and in my clients’ lives. This week is all about self judgment. My own struggles with self judgment come back to self love. This week I’m having a hard time loving my intensity. It keeps showing up in ways that don’t feel good to me or the recipients. Some of my intensity grows from the seed of the illusion of separation – that I am separate from God – and therefore myself, therefore the other. Connection is important to me – so once I start to tumble down this hill things can fall apart quickly, and I get caught in the cycle of self judgment. The challenge once caught in self judgment is breaking the cycle. Here’s what I do to break the cycle: First, I remember there are three possible solutions to my pain: 1) Experience the Divine within (I teach/facilitate/utilize Beneath the Sand (BTS) – my proprietary program for remembering and experiencing your wholeness). 2) Surrender (letting go of my ideas of how/what/when/who). 3) Practice (doing 1 & 2 each day at least several times). Second: I do BTS, and then I surrender. The act of surrender is an interesting thing to master because it’s such a paradox: I give up all control to the Divine and in doing so, Divine grace can flow in my life, and all is well (not figuratively, literally). Deciding what to surrender is easy for me: It’s the topic/situation/relationship where the greatest challenge exists – where I’m feeling the most resistance. It’s much easier to write and talk about than it is to practice surrender. However, once you begin to surrender following a powerful practice of the Divine within, your perspective on life transforms. When your perspective transforms, your life transforms. How will you respond to self judgment next time it comes up in your life? That’s it for this week…From My Heart. Peace, Ken PS – I’m being interviewed on two different radio programs this week – both are available for you to listen to where ever you are in the world. The first is today between 5-6 PM EDT is with Paul Goldman on his program ‘Journey Into Oneness’ – here’s the link: The second is on Friday between 2-3 PM EDT with Ann White on her program ‘Creating Calm Within Chaos’ – here’s the Link: Both programs should be available to listen to in replay if you miss the live show. I hope you can join me for these! Ken Stone “The Soul Archaeologist” Internationally Recognized Teacher and Healer Creator of the Transformational Beneath the Sand Program