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Unconditional Self Love

Skiing & Love – From My Heart

From My Heart | on Dec. 07, 2012 | by | 0 Comments

I was up in the Colorado Mountains skiing the past two weekends. I fell a few times, was terrified more than once, and laughed and felt exhilarated much of the time. I only skied the green (easiest) runs, LOL!! No one would mistake me for an accomplished skier. I’m competent […]

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What’s Your Lesson? From My Heart #16

From My Heart | on Jul. 06, 2011 | by | 0 Comments

What’s your big lesson in your life?  Have you figured it out? Mine is self love.  My journey to self love has opened every door in my life from my calling, to inner peace and joy, to being authentic and vulnerable in my communication with you. Last Thursday I discovered […]

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