What is The Answer?

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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What is The Answer?




Ken W Stone

Is there a pressing question in your life right now? Do you wonder how God will answer your question? Maybe you wonder how you’ll know if it’s a divine answer, or if it’s an answer you’ve manufactured?


I used to be quite preoccupied with the answers to life’s fundamental questions. I remember receiving my first intuitive reading on December 27, 2007, a few months after first learning of the healing gifts God expresses through me.  I wanted to know: will my life work out? I was still very much living my life in separation, thinking that my life was beyond divine purview.

I now know my entire life is in God’s hands, but I’m not always entirely embodied in this knowledge. By this I mean, though I know this intellectually, there are still some aspects of my life where I’m integrating my empowered and disempowered separate self.

It’s a strange paradox. On the one hand, most of the time, I’m embodied in the knowledge that God is illuminating and supporting the path forward. On the other hand, there are still aspects of what’s to come where my separate self wants to exert control, either by identifying with a fear from my disempowered separate self, or by being identified with some aspect of my empowered dream. Either way, I know it’s not real, but the only way to come to embodied knowledge of this – to live every aspect of the inner and outer truth of this – is to go through the process of integrating all these instances where I (my separate self) am bringing some aspect that is not yet integrated forward for attention. It often feels like a messy and emotional process.

I have a deep sense that this is true for everyone, yet for the most part, we all seem to struggle with this dynamic privately. As if we’ve done something wrong or haven’t yet figured out what others so clearly seem to have mastered. Even this feeling or idea is an artifact of the separate self.

I want to talk about and explore this as part of our dialogue together in our community. It feels essential to tear down this illusion that to be a spiritual messenger somehow must mean that we have all the answers. That we have to have it all figured out. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The dynamic of vulnerability and authenticity is one of the reasons I love teaching, because the conversations that come up during spiritual exploration always uncover something new. A different perspective or insight. A breakthrough because of a question someone asked, or an awareness that floods in while someone in the circle is reflecting on their perspective on the topic at hand. We serve each other just by engaging authentically and vulnerably – even when we’re not consciously aware of what is unfolding.


For years I’ve felt called to launch a YouTube channel, but every time I’ve focused on what the channel will be about, all momentum for the idea is lost.

At times this has frustrated me, but it’s hard to argue with the complete absence of a sense of momentum or resonance, every time I’ve set aside time to “work” on this question. And so, I set it aside, knowing the answer would come, when the time was right. God’s in charge – illuminating and supporting each step of my life.

This past December I received a email questions, in response to a From My Heart I wrote entitled “Are We There Yet?” As I was on my mid-day walk the next day, in came an intuitive paper airplane from God: this is what your YouTube channel will be focused on – answering and reflecting on spiritual questions from your community extending the spiritual conversation beyond one-on-one emails or conversations in class.

The energy of the framework for this inspiration was all about the exchange – the dialogue between us – and the insights this could open for everyone who participates, including me. Some of them obvious and stated, but many others because God is working in and through each of us, for the benefit of us all. Just like a student who asks a question or reflects on something in class, and all the sudden I start seeing something that I’ve never seen before. Because we truly are all leading one another home, back to the Divine within.

I’m excited to tell you two short months later, the channel is launched! With the first two videos in the ‘frequently asked spiritual questions’ playlist already posted (How Do You Meditate  – and What’s Your Embodiment Practice ), and another to come each Wednesday, plus other resources, excerpts from talks I’ve given, and more.

I want to ask you to do three things if you would please:

  1. Go to my new YouTube Channel and check out the Frequently Asked Spiritual Questions Playlist – here: http://bit.ly/390dWlt
    If you like the video, please give it a thumbs up, and share your comments about what comes up for you. Let’s include YouTube in the conversation that is always unfolding here – and expand the ways our community interacts and how we learn from each other.
  2. Please subscribe by clicking this link: http://bit.ly/31gBzDE
    If you ask to be notified when new videos are released – you’ll be among the first to know when a new FAQ or other resource is released.
  3. Please submit the questions you’d like to hear my thoughts on, that would support you in doing the spiritual work that’s up for you right now – here: https://kenwstone.com/frequently-asked-spiritual-questions/#ask
    Ultimately our work together is about uncovering, experiencing, and integrating the Divine within. And then discovering, exploring, and sharing your God given gifts – that you may ultimately be an Embodied Messenger – one who shares their unique gifts with others, merely by their presence. I want to support these two essential components of life with this FAQ series – and anything you’d like to explore at a deeper level is of interest to me. Who knows where our conversation will be led by what unfolds through this new opportunity!


As for the questions that are intensely personal to each of us – the ones we’re wondering if God will respond to – the things we think we need to know to chart the path of our lives going forward . . . I like to think that the answers are revealed in due course, though not always in ways that are recognizable by the aspect of each of us that is asking the question. Instead, it is the journey inward, where we first discover the Divine within, and then eventually, with each successive breath, draw to deeper and deeper intimacy with this extraordinary presence … each time we release the breath, letting go completely, and each time we draw the breath in, receiving anew the experience of God in each and every aspect of our inner and outer lives.

And with this process, it all becomes clear. And we recognize that no matter which way we go, or where we turn, in the end it’s all about the Divine. One step at a time.

That’s it for this week … From My Heart.

I hope you’ll reach out and connect with our expanding community over on YouTube by watching, subscribing, commenting and sharing.

I’m more grateful than words can say that we’re connected in this way.

Always in God’s Love and Presence, Further Into the Mystery – All the More Extraordinary with You!