Frequently Asked Spiritual Questions

Frequently Asked Spiritual Questions

Spiritual questions are important . . .

They lead us to a deeper level of inner exploration, and eventually they can disrupt just enough to crack open the truth of who we really are on every level of our being and life.

I’m excited to open this FAQ with some written and video resources. I add to these resources by posting my thoughts on an additional question each Wednesday on my YouTube channel.  If YouTube is an important resource in your world, please subscribe and click the link to be notified each time I post a new video.

There are also links to a growing series of websites below which address in greater depth, many of the most frequently asked spiritual question.

Finally – I want to invite you to submit your spiritual questions below. I also want to invite you to join my community (just click the icon on the lower right of the page to ‘join my newsletter’) – so I can be in touch in your inbox with additional resources to support you in your spiritual journey.

I’m grateful we’re connected in this way. 

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I’m excited about what’s been unfolding on my YouTube Channel. I have four playlists – with new content each week.

Frequently Asked Spiritual Questions:
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Frequently Asked Spiritual Question Websites:

What is Spiritual Healing?

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More frequently asked spiritual question websites are coming!

Q: What is it that you do?

Answer: I support individuals and groups from around the world and nearly every spiritual and religious tradition, experience the Divine within, and discover, explore, and share their unique spiritual gifts, the manner in which God expresses in, through, and as them. I do this by teaching two sequential curricula: Spiritual Mastery, and Spiritual Messenger Mastery. These two structures have been given to me through divine download as well as through an ongoing exploration both internally, as well as with others though private sessions, classes, retreats, and workshops.

And (from the Introduction to my first book):

I refer to the spiritual gifts the Divine expresses in, through, and as me in several different ways.

For reference: meditation refers to a process you’re being guided through with my words, on the page or with my voice, and through the downloadable resources that accompany this book.

Transmission references one expression of these spiritual gifts. Transmission is happening right here with these words, though the transmission is also happening under the words. Transmission can also take place through a recording or a live webcast or in-person event. I typically demarcate the beginning of a transmission by saying the words, “Let’s begin.”

Witnessing is another way of talking about a transmission. We could say that witnessing is what’s happening during a transmission. I am witnessing you, or you are being witnessed.

I would differentiate witnessing from traditional energy or healing work on many levels: most essentially, when I am witnessing you, “I” (my separate self) am doing nothing. I am not pulling strings or holding an intention. I believe I am seeing and experiencing you—witnessing you—as God experiences you. Of course, there’s no way to confirm this is the case. It’s just my best sense and language for what’s happening.

I believe we all have these divine gifts: meditation, transmission, and the ability to witness, and more, and that they express in completely unique ways in each of us. You have these gifts. Perhaps you know this at some level already. Or perhaps like me prior to September 18 2007, you are blissfully unaware, moving through your life thinking it’s all about this or that. Perhaps you have yet to discover your true purpose and the unique divinely-bestowed gifts that are supporting you in your divine mission.

Q: When will your book be released?

Answer: Good question! The best answer is that I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as the launch is scheduled – and again, once it’s released. If you’d like, you can add your name and email below to be notified once the release is scheduled – and then once it’s released.

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