Witnessing Wholeness

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Witnessing Wholeness




Ken W Stone

When I’m witnessing wholeness, I normally don’t perceive any artifacts of separation. What I mean is that whatever noise the person I’m working with may have brought to the session, I am unaware of it. Only when an individual talks about their experiences of noise is it enlivened in my awareness, but only briefly, like fireworks exploding on the screen of their expression that instantly fade away.

I perceive the fundamental wholeness of each human being as “underneath” the noise of separation. To my way of experiencing this wholeness, it’s something to excavate. It’s not something that necessarily changes instantly, like the flip of a switch (though I have witnessed it happening in this way). I perceive the gap between the start of excavation and its conclusion (the embodied experience of wholeness fully realized on every inner and outer aspect of one’s life) as the experience of integrating the separate self and embodying the whole self.

I don’t mean I’m projecting or imagining their wholeness. I mean in whatever manner the artifacts of the illusion of separation may be impacting their inner or outer experience, I am entirely unaware. I witness their wholeness the same way you might look at a tree and see the tree as it is actually—or refer to the sun in the sky as a fact. Not a fact that has as its origin an idea or a feeling. The being-presence or even more foundationally the existence-presence of wholeness. The embodied fact of wholeness—I am not doing/imagining/thinking something to create this wholeness or cause it to be. It is.

The only way I can attempt to explain this is that the Divine expression (in me) opens the experience of witnessing embodied wholeness—of seeing the “other” not as other, but as one with all their whole divine expression.

It’s very challenging to speak about this, but you can experience it—and this is what happens when I sit with people in session, virtually or in person. Believe it or not, it even happens when someone listens to an audio recording of me in session (either with them, or with a group which they were not a part of when it “originally” took place). To underscore how much that doesn’t make sense rationally (aka from the perspective of the separate self) these recordings are often entirely in silence.

The Divine in me is enlivening the Divine in you, through my being presence, which is (from my perspective) entirely a function of Mystery of God’s expression. This happens outside of time and space, and so when you “listen” to a recording of a session, the transmission is always live, for the Divine is within you already, enlivened by the experience. I put listen in quotes, because often people in session with me have the experience of going to sleep or dropping out. I don’t think they’re asleep in the conventional sense. I believe what is unfolding through this enlivening process is often more than what an individual can stay consciously aware of and so they have an experience of going to sleep.

The ”work” of what goes on with the individual’s integration and embodiment is theirs to do and it will unfold however it does. Often, deeper experiences of wholeness surface aspects of one’s life which are still waiting to be integrated, an experience which can feel very challenging. I’ve reflected this by describing this dynamic axiomatically: as we move into a deeper experience of resonance, the remaining dissonance appears to become more pronounced.

I have discovered that I can most support this work by letting God express however it does through me—what I think of as witnessing an individual or group. In other words, to get out of the way as much as possible, rather than trying to direct or “do” anything while I’m facilitating a session.

When I’ve taught spiritual messengers how to sit in witnessing presence (which is about experiencing another aspect of our innate wholeness – not a modality or something to be certified in) it has been encountered in a nearly universally unexpected manner. No matter how much I might talk about what is going to happen, the experience of it is entirely different, unique to each person who engages in this exploration.

In the same way, the “outcomes” (if they can be thought of in this way) of witnessing or being witnessed are often entirely unexpected; fundamentally different from what was expected or anticipated.

The instinct to control or understand can remain strong in this context, even if this aspect of the separate self has largely integrated in the internal dynamic of one’s life—another beautiful encounter with the divine fractal that presents through the ongoing invitation to integrate.

Comfort with continually stepping into the unknown which accompanies deeper intimacy with the Divine (and its unique expression through and as you) is essential as the messenger explores the depth of what is possible when sitting in witnessing presence with an individual or group.

The Divine is knowable only from an embodied perspective, which is to say that one can come to know through experience, even if what is known is not understood or explainable.


One of the most interesting challenges associated with witnessing is the role of the witness’s consciousness. This dynamic is illuminated when exploring the role of attachments in limiting the efficacy of witnessing presence. For example, when witnessing a loved one, where the attachment to an experiential or circumstantial change can be quite strong. The impacts of attachment are even more clear when exploring witnessing oneself. One might imagine that mindfulness practice offers a roadmap for such an engagement, but mindfulness is a dissociative practice, rather than an integrated and embodied practice.

Witnessing presence is an integrated and embodied practice, so disassociating doesn’t eliminate attachments, it causes a comprehensive disconnection, wherein the practice cannot sustain.

It’s interesting to note that attachments form through a desired outcome as well as through the witness’s experience of the immutability of a person or circumstance.

One often overlooked and critical factor in witnessing presence is the consciousness of the witness.

The ongoing invitation to greater self-knowledge, inner work, and integration is essential in a messenger’s journey. The constant companion of divine presence is followed closely by consciousness. Whereas the former is unchanging, the latter appears to be constantly changing, yet another artifact of the illusion of separation.

That’s all for now . . . From My Heart.



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