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Dear Divine Expression,

Originally these transmissions were livestreamed to YouTube, but because they are interrupted by ads there, I have downloaded them and posted them here to you to enjoy ad-free.

Transmission is my way referring to how God expresses through me in session.

To put it simply, transmission opens a visceral experience (in your body) of the Divine within. If you go deeper with this work, it can open all sorts of extraordinary experiences, including a sustaining experience of inner peace and fulfillment, spontaneous healing, restoration your connection to yourself and the Divine (is there a difference?), greater presence with yourself and other, and many other seemingly miraculous outcomes. From my perspective, all of these are simply the byproduct of a deeper, more intimate experience of the Divine, by whatever name.

  • But There’s a Challenge (and Opportunity) to Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts:

    • Deeper Intimacy with the Divine Mystery tends to stir up the noise that is as yet un-integrated in any human being.
    • Unintegrated Noise Enlivens as the Separate Self which tends to express in this context with fear, anger, and other triggered emotions.
    • A Conscious Soul Embodiment Practice Ensures the noise is transmuted, which in turn allows these previously unintegrated aspect to embody and integrate, which then expresses as another aspect of the whole self.
    • With a Greater Expression of the Whole Self comes more of the raw expression of the Divine as you.

These videos were originally streamed to you YouTube, but because they have ad breaks in them there, I have downloaded them and posted them here so you can watch/participate/listen without any disruption.

You might imagine that I am sending energy or holding an intention during transmission, but I am not. Perhaps the most simple way to explain it is that the Divine in me is enlivening the Divine in you. How does this happen, you might be wondering? It is but one aspect of the Divine Mystery, in its expression in, through, and as me. You could say these are “my” spiritual gifts, but I don’t think of them as mine. If you’re interested in exploring this at greater depth I have a spiritual FAQ page here (like so many things, I thought I would update this page on a regular basis, and that hasn’t happened. My time is focused on my inner work of spiritual integration, along with working with the people I’m blessed to support and serve in my private practice, as well as teaching and engaging in regular (weekly and monthly) transmissions and virtual retreats for Resonance Institute Members (you can learn more about this option for working with me on a regular basis in a virtual, group setting, here). I haven’t been so good about posting on YouTube in some time, or updating certain aspects of my website, with apologies – though you can see part of a workshop I facilitated on my home page here.

I believe we all (all human beings) have spiritual gifts. Another way to talk about a spiritual gift is that it is the raw expression of the Divine in, through, and as you (or anyone).

From my perspective, a transmission is different than a guided meditation (like Divine Connecting Breath) because in session, I am working energetically with everyone who is listening/participating, whereas in a meditation, I am not.

You can experience the two and notice for yourself what if any difference exists.

If you’re interested in exploring more of this work, I encourage you to register for free for Exploring Divine Resonance – which is a robust 17-week program that I previously taught live. Included in each session is a teaching, transmission, and Q&A. You can also ask questions inside the program (once you register you’ll receive a login to my online learning platform, the Resonance Institute – you’ll be able to ask questions of me (in writing), and I will personally respond).

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I’m grateful we’re connected in this way. 

Much Love and Peace,


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