The River is Flowing

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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The River is Flowing




Ken W Stone

Divine Connecting Breath first appeared as a series of images to me when I was in session with a man who was suffering from advanced stage testicular cancer. He was pursing a “magic bullet” cure and on this day in early 2009, he was exhausted when he sat down for his session with me.

As I had at the beginning of every prior session, I asked him: “How are you feeling today?”

His response: “I’ve been meeting with every conceivable practitioner looking for a cure. I’m overwhelmed, scared, and tired.”

I told him I didn’t want to contribute to his overwhelm, and before I knew what was coming out of my mouth, promised him something that would help him relax that he could take with him from our time together on that day.

I checked in silently with guidance after those words came out of my mouth: is this new, or something I already know? Answer: something new.

When it came time to share this new resource with him, I simply gave voice to the pictures that were appearing intuitively. It was the first iteration of Divine Connecting Breath.

Some months later, I was facilitating a group session and I started seeing pictures of a river flowing during Divine Connecting Breath. They turned out to be the shorthand version.

The long form explores one’s connection to self, others, and the divine through the breath. The short form runs parallel, exploring this connection as something that is always flowing like a river. The two perspectives eventually converging: with each breath you experience the Divine is becoming you and you are becoming the Divine. In the same way, conscious of it, focused on it, present to it, or not, the river is flowing.


In moments of fear or challenge I find it helpful to remember the river is flowing.

In moments of inspiration beyond what is currently embodied, I remind myself: the river is flowing.

When I am in the depth of embodied resonance, I am experiencing the river flowing. I am the river. I am.

When I am once again called further into the mystery of God’s expression in me and the world, I remember the first expression of Divine Connecting Breath.

The River is Flowing.


If we hold an intention that the river flow – it flows. Drop the intention and simply open to the experience of absolute presence with no control and the river flows. It doesn’t matter if we turn our backs on the river, walk away and forget of its existence, still the river is flowing.

No matter what, the river is flowing.

That’s it for this week . . . From My Heart.

We are always in God’s Love and Presence,


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