The Alchemy of Polarity

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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The Alchemy of Polarity




Ken W Stone

Our community has been foremost in my mind over the last number of weeks. This is always the case, but something has shifted for me. From a meandering walk to a purposeful movement and cadence. One result has been that I’ve been engaged in offering support in new ways (YouTube and Facebook Live Streams, Virtual Workshops, and more).

With greater engagement on social media, I keep seeing messages that are ostensibly “spiritual” yet polarizing.

They highlight a dynamic which is being stirred up nearly universally on the planet right now: the current collective and individual stage of consciousness is being amplified, and as a result, the process of integration is radically accelerated.

It’s challenging to think of this as a positive process because of what is going on around the world right now. When the challenges appear to be outside of us, they take on a different quality. Yet if we consider the suffering which unfolds individually on the interior of life in the journey to complete surrender, a parallel begins to present itself.

In this parallel are the instructions for how we can address this dynamic individually (and therefore collectively): From the perspective of separation, when the soul is embodied, and we feel fully whatever is coming up to be attended to (emotionally and physically) the trauma or wound is transmuted. This is the alchemy of polarity. This is the invitation which accompanies our human journey of discovering, experiencing, and remembering our divinity.

We have all these different ways of understanding the virus: scientifically, emotionally, economically, physically, energetically, and so on. And all these methods of understanding (and their accompany experiences) all serve to amplify whatever stage of consciousness is currently up for attention. And with this, an acceleration of integration follows. It is inevitable.


If we look at the collective experience and expression of Victim Consciousness right now, there is no running away from it. No suppressing it. No denying it.

I wrote about the move into Victim Consciousness from God Consciousness in Chapter 3 (The Stages of Consciousness) of my forthcoming book Resonance: The Path of Spiritual Mastery:

Moving into Victim Consciousness can feel like a fall from grace.
From my perspective, this move is described in the Bible allegorically
when Adam and Eve “eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge.”

In Genesis 2:17 (NRSV) it says:

“but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat,
for in the day that you eat of it you shall die.”

The message is clear: good and evil arise in Victim Consciousness.
And when you enter this perceptual view (eat)
you (the whole self) will die (and the separate self will be born).

In Victim Consciousness we experience ourselves as powerless. Forgotten about or abandoned by God. No matter how hard we struggle, there seems to be no way out of it. Even as we struggle, we see others who have figured out how to gain God’s favor – further evidence of our disempowered state. The primary goal in Victim Consciousness is safety.

The challenge is, no matter what we do from the perspective of the disempowered separate self, there is no pathway to sustaining safety within this stage of consciousness.

We can engage in power games, which Dr. Stephen Karpman calls the Drama Triangle, but these are all illusory. In the triangle (which can be played out with one’s own self, with another, with two others, or even with a society or the world) one role is the victim. Another is the rescuer. The third role is the perpetrator. Anyone who steps into the triangle is destined to play all three roles. There’s no way around it.

The drama triangle is played out in late Victim Consciousness. Perhaps you instantly recognize areas of your life or our collective experience that are playing out in this dynamic right now. As long as we struggle with drama in this way, we remain identified in Victim Consciousness. We all have an opportunity to integrate the disempowered separate self or become more identified with it.

There is but one door through which we can pass from Victim to Controlling Consciousness: taking personal responsibility. Note that if we’re trying to take responsibility for someone else, we’ve identified with the disempowered separate self once again by choosing the role of the rescuer.

Taking responsibility is all about becoming identified with the empowered (separate) self. Effectively, it’s about accepting complete responsibility for the lens through which self and the world are interpreted. Disempowered to empowered is a profound shift. Ostensibly, nothing has actually changed in the exterior, yet in the interior, everything has changed. God, who once abandoned or was punishing through disengagement has now become a servant, for in Controlling Consciousness, the universe does as commanded.

The limits of Controlling Consciousness are discovered as we begin encountering the limits of what the empowered separate self can resolve. The core soul wound, reinforced in Victim Consciousness, is continually addressed through many apparently different areas of focus and effort in Controlling Consciousness. No matter how much control can be exerted with positive effect, the empowered separate self is simply unable to resolve the core soul wound on its own. Only once surrender do we free ourselves to experience and be who we really are as undistorted expressions of the Divine.


In a very short span of time, we have collectively shifted from individual experiences, dominated in separation on a global scale, as well as nationally, locally, and individually, to a singular collective experience, with all our fears, desires for control, and much more brought front and center.

Through this process, each aspect of this developmental journey in consciousness is being radically amplified with the vacillation between feelings of absolute disempowerment and absolute empowerment, if only the proper intention or clearing could be invoked. This pendulation is queuing us up for surrender, for no matter what is cleared, or the intentions held, ultimately the peace and love (the origin of all true healing) we are seeking is only available to us in the Divine. Surrender is the only way to open this door for as long as we hold intentions or visualize or engage in other expressions of control, we hold the complete expression of Divine Resonance at bay.

What an opportunity! Just like our apparently individual experiences of the journey through consciousness, fraught with suffering which eventually opens the door to an even more integrated experience, which in turn highlights what is not yet integrated, and so on—so too our experience with this virus.

The temptation throughout this entire process is to assign meaning, or a lesson, to each aspect of the journey. In Victim Consciousness it’s a lesson about safety. In Manifestor Consciousness it’s a lesson about the value of control. In Conduit Consciousness it’s a lesson about God.

But these three categories of lesson don’t communicate with each other. Safety lessons don’t translate to lessons of control. And control lessons aren’t lessons about God. In fact, each lesson is in conflict with its neighbors.

Only in Union Consciousness are all the building blocks of spiritual development included. In fact, they’re not just included, they are essential. For without Victim Consciousness how can we develop compassion? Without Controlling Consciousness how can we discover our creative gifts? Without Conduit Consciousness, how can we integrate and become identified with our whole selves, while discovering that God is moving in, through, and as each of us on the planet without exception. In fact, it’s not just God as everyone, it’s God as everything.

This final frontier eventually delivers us into Union Consciousness, the ultimate result of the alchemy of polarity.

When OR become AND. And with this final developmental transition, the veil dissolves. The water once seen as a storm expressed as a typhoon or hurricane, or the flooded rivers that result; later explored as resources which could be diverted or blocked to create the expression of desires or dreams; once seen as an individuated expressions of the Divine (river and observer ) now experienced as one: the planet, the lifecycle of water: ocean – to cloud – to precipitation – to glacier—then—river—then sea, now all one. No longer observer and observed, but one.


The opportunity at hand is to embrace the alchemy of polarity. To embody the soul, while feeling whatever is coming up to be felt from the perspective of the disempowered or empowered separate self. Each step further into this process, a move further into the Mystery of God’s expression as you, everyone and everything.

Underneath everything else is the undistorted expression and experience of the Divine. It is within you now. Uncover and experience this extraordinary presence, and your perspective will instantly shift in ways that are impossible to imagine. Yet you can experience it … now.

If you’d like to be supported in this work, I have linked to a number free and low-cost resources below.

That’s it for this week … From My Heart.

I’m grateful we’re connected in this way.

Always in God’s Love and Presence, Further Into the Mystery—All the More Extraordinary with You!


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