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Start Here

Shift from a seeker looking for the one thing that will unlock the secrets to spiritual transformation — to an experiencer who has begun to unlock and express your Divine potential with each breath, each thought, each word, and with each act of service.

Step One: Learn Divine Connecting Breath

Shared with tens of thousands of people around the world — this simple guided meditation is both the beginning of each transmission that Ken facilitates — and a doorway you can easily step through to a greater experience and feeling of connection with the Divine and yourself.

Watch the online training video and download the audio to your phone so you can take this free resource into your everyday life.

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Step Two: Participate in The Resonance Experiment

Take the next step into experiencing Resonance in your body, mind, and life and participate in the Resonance Experiment. The premise of the Experiment is that the Divine is within us all. The hypothesis is that everyone can have a visceral experience of that Divine Presence in their body — of Divine Resonance — including you. It’s from this experience of Resonance that everything else in your being and life begins to come into alignment and full expression. For As Below, So Above.

Watch the videos and listen to the sessions of this free online event as you begin to explore Divine Resonance in your being.

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Step Three: Join The Resonance Community

Deepen your experiences from The Experiment — and begin integrating the many facets of Resonance into all aspects of your being and life. Become an inaugural member of The Resonance Community and gather with people from around the world and sink into deeper Resonance through our once-a-month LIVE transmissions and Q&A sessions (simulcast via conference call and webcast for worldwide participation). Connect more profoundly with yourself and the Divine Within as you reconnect with your soul family.

Choose the membership method that resonates most with you: Single Session Membership (recording only), Regular Monthly Membership or Annual Membership.

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