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Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Service — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

One of the big lessons of this year for me has been the lesson of service. Like many lessons I’ve learned along the way, I initially focused on the opposite then learned this lesson through contrast (a nice way of saying that I banged my head against the wall repeatedly), awareness (ahh, that hurts, but I’m learning!), and finally integration (I embody my purpose and my mission of service, and I take aligned and congruent action).

Early in the year I signed up for a high level coaching program with a well known business expert. Here’s what I can say now about my energy and what was up for me when I signed up: I was very much in my shadow, wanting to be accepted and invited to play by the cool kids. I even secured an agreement that they would endorse my work as part of my enrollment (no need to look for the endorsement, when things aren’t in alignment they don’t happen).

I pivoted from service to what would benefit me – in the process becoming enamored with the promises of wealth and fame that would come from following their teaching and guidance around business building, as well as an endorsement.

Over the last three months my awareness has been growing that this person and their organization weren’t in alignment with my truth, my purpose, or my inner resonance.

I noticed that every time I did a training, or tried to follow-through on the guidance they were offering, I was messed up big time – sometimes for months. The clearest example I can give of this is that my focus was all on making money and how to make more money.

[Note: let me be perfectly clear: there’s nothing wrong with making money in-and-of-itself … small amounts or more money than you can imagine it’s all good. Divine Resonance is at its essence all about an infinite abundance of love and everything flows from this.]

What I’ve been learning is the lesson of service: when I’m focused on making money, this energy dominates everything else. The question of service becomes a subordinate consideration – always framed in terms of revenue potential or reach of new potential customers.

I don’t know if this is true for you, I just know it’s true for me.

My epiphany came in early October when I called up my good friend and coach Ronda and proudly announced my 18-month goals that had come out of the first meeting with this organization in September.

She did NOT respond the way I thought she would. In fact she proceeded to punch all my buttons and really challenged me around my focus, especially how I was serving the people I was meant to serve and what in the world did this goal have to do with my mission??!

I was so angry. It took me two weeks to really understand why – and to deeply get what I had been doing. When we got on the phone again I told her how angry I had been and we both laughed. Funny how anger can point the way towards some deep inner work that is coming up for attention.

Coming away from this work with Ronda – along with work I’ve been doing with my good friends Edward and Katye, I once again deeply realized and really got: my work is all about service.

Serving Spiritual Messengers.

In the time between then and now I’ve refocused my business on service first. Yes it’s a business and must be run like a business, but that’s not the lead consideration or focus. Our lead focus is to be in service to Spiritual Messengers. Period.

I left the high level coaching program calling their office and explaining it wasn’t in resonance for me, that it wasn’t serving my mission.

In early November I received the first Divine Download I’ve had in a while. Do a live, in-person event for Spiritual Messengers to gather and do the deep work that is up for attention right now. To support messengers in embodying the new paradigm of leadership that is emerging right now, to focus exclusively on embodied Divine Resonance and living and working in a state of complete alignment, vulnerability, and authenticity.

I’d been receiving guidance to do just this for the prior 4+ months, but I had been ignoring it. I can’t ignore a Divine Download.

I was talking with my good friend Christine (who also coaches me) and she said: “I think you’re supposed to teach this topic in addition to doing this event.”

To which I said: “Of course! This year’s 4 Days of Healing will be on this exact topic!!”

A free master class combined with Divine Transmission to support and serve Spiritual Messengers in the transition into the new year, moving forward with the next step! The theme this year is: The Embodied Messenger.

How do I serve? I support Spiritual Messengers in uncovering and embodying their Divine Purpose, Gifts, Message, and Mission. When I’m in alignment with this focus, everything else flows in a state of deep resonance.

Every time I started to focus on money, everything stopped moving forward on my mission. My soul was clearly communicating: “you’re not in resonance, Ken!”

Whereas as I’ve come back into alignment the resonance has erupting in so many different areas … rather than being focused as I think I ought to be, I’ve been free to follow the whisper of resonance within, without concern for the conventional interpretation or approach.

Whatever your big lesson is right now, I want to reinforce this truth: When you are in embodied alignment, resonance flows through everything. You can be free to serve and support those you’re meant to without worry or fear; you get to move forward with the confidence and clarity that comes from embodying your Divinity and then taking congruent action.

I learned my lesson this year, and I’m taking aligned, resonant action. What’s your big lesson this year?

That’s it for this week … From My Heart (really from my soul).



Ken W. Stone
The Soul Archaeologist
Experience the Divine Within