Real Change — From My Heart

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Real Change — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

A couple of days ago I got a text from a good friend with a simple, but powerful message that energized me.

Before I received the text I thought I was in the groove – focused on what’s important and totally connected to my mission.

After I got the text it was like someone topped my tank off with jet fuel. A new level of enthusiasm and focus was resonating throughout my being and it felt good!!

As I reflected on the change in resonance and momentum I saw a similarity with the spiritual journey: We think we’re in the groove and everything is progressing well; and then we engage in a spiritual practice – or make time for a new spiritual experience – and something new opens up inside us and we feel more connected and more energized.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing a lot of reflection. Perhaps it has something to do with moving my office to a new location. In February of 2011 I moved into the place that’s now my former office. At the time, I could feel the pull of isolation – of turning inward.

No surprise that I got to move out into the countryside – the perfect place for isolation and quiet – and for shedding noise. A few months later I had my first encounter with complete surrender. The liberation that resulted completely transformed my life.

Before surrender I was super unhappy and frustrated. Even though I had been discovering and exploring my gifts, some essential aspect inside was still really unhappy. The contrast between the divine resonance I witnessed in others and the lack of that resonance in my life away from my work was really upsetting me. To make matters worse, I was struggling to make a living sharing my gifts with others. I had followed guidance in ways that defied logic and the understanding of others in my life. Yet I was still struggling with the same essential lesson (self love), unable to make a living. Underneath the struggle was a constant striving and persistent disappointment.

After surrender I experienced self-love for the first time in my life. I felt in indescribable joy bubbling up from within me and the feeling didn’t go away. I was unattached to what would come next, completely open to however God would lead me. I followed the resonance each step of the way and even though it felt as though I was stepping even more fully into an unknown future than I had ever before, I took each step in peace, joy, and confidence.

Eventually the inner resonance that immediately flooded into my awareness and experience with complete surrender began to reflect back in the “outward” experiences of my life. The people I was meeting and forming friendships with changed. The opportunities for sharing my gifts with others changed. The kinds of people I was working with in my private practice changed. Money started to flow in ways it never had before. In short, everything changed – not in some superficial way: the change was real.

Was it all about surrender? Is that really the only key to this ongoing transformation?


Letting go of control is critical, and there are two other key elements that are equally critical for ongoing transformation.

The first is bringing your soul home into your body and sustaining the embodied state. This is critical on so many different levels throughout all phases of spiritual development and growth – but consider this to begin: when your soul is home in your body, you are able to experience your Divine connection. When your soul isn’t embodied, your Divine connection isn’t affected – but your experience of it is.

The second is about viscerally experiencing your wholeness. Feeling your wholeness on every level of your being is like swinging your tennis racquet on the court. If you intend to play tennis well, it’s critical that you eventually pick up your racquet and practice. If you only imagine what it will be like to play tennis you’ll discover when you start to play a match that there’s a big difference between what you imagine playing tennis will be like, and actually playing a match. So it is with wholeness. Imagining wholeness is very different from experiencing it.

Note how powerful it is to imagine playing tennis in conjunction with practice. Once you have viscerally experienced your wholeness, imagining your wholeness has an anchor – and your experience of Divine Resonance in your life begins to transform. When you experience your wholeness on a regular basis, your transformation is accelerated. Experiencing your wholeness is critical.

The first two set up the third. When you’re embodied and regularly experiencing your wholeness, you’ve effectively accelerated surrender – for the remaining aspects of your life where you’re holding onto control come into sharp relief. And when you let go of control, the other aspects of this process (embodiment and wholeness) are accelerated and deepened.

I’ve started calling what results from these three practices the Soul Reunion. The soul (or spirit) is the vehicle through which we encounter and experience the Divine. It’s a reunion because the gap between our true nature and our experience arises from the illusion of separation (the illusion that we are not in union with our essence). When this illusion melts away, we experience reunion with our essence.

This reunion is the key to massive, sustaining and deepening real transformation. It is the key to closing the gap between spiritual knowledge and the experiences that follow. It’s the key to healing all those aspects of you that are still in dissonance – whether in your body, mind, or in the outward expression of your life.

Sometimes it’s in the outward expression of my life where the perspective of this transformation is most easy to see. As it was Thursday morning when I received the text.

The content of the text was an immediate supercharger for my energy and my day. But it wasn’t just the text – it was the person it came from – someone I’ve become good friends with over the last year and a half. When I read the text, it resonated in me deeply – reflecting back the work that is ongoing within me as I come to deeper reunion with my soul. Thinking about the friend who sent it reminded me of the growing resonance in all areas of my life and all the wonderful people I’m connected with at this point in my journey … including you.

Are you ready to reunite with your soul?

That’s it for this week … From My Heart.


Ken W. Stone
The Soul Archaeologist
Experience the Divine Within