Healing PTSD — From My Heart

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

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Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Healing PTSD — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

I’ve had a spike in communication from people who are challenged with Post-Traumatic Stress disorder in the last month or two.

If there are a few reaching out for help, it tells me there are many who are looking for support.

As I was reaching for some things on the printer yesterday I found a letter that I wrote to Linda sitting there. She was looking for help with PTSD. Why I printed the letter I have no idea (other than to pick it up yesterday). Too many random coincidences for this to be “random.”

I want to share this letter with you. Perhaps if it’s not meant for you, it’s meant for someone you love. Remember that trauma shows up in many different forms. Whatever or expression or experience, trauma is in the eye (and soul) of the beholder.


EVERYTHING on our spiritual journey begins with the one essential step that I outline in this letter (whether you’re dealing with PTSD or not). From newbie messengers and people who are just waking up to their purpose and the Divine within, to world-renowned spiritual messengers – this is the one thing that I focus the majority of my time on in private session. Read on … you may discover that the solution for “healing” PTSD is the solution for whatever is blocking you from moving forward in your life.


In my experience, we are all suffering from PTSD of some form or another – that is to say that the traumas we’ve encountered in our lives keep coming back up and “causing” symptoms that appear disparate (physical, emotional, etc.) – yet all are related.

Consider this: your body is like a canvas upon which your life experiences have been painted. But unlike a conventional canvas, your body is both the canvas and the representation of other aspects of your being. That is, when you have a traumatic experience, the trauma is recorded in the body. It’s also linked to all the other levels of your being (energetically or spiritually).

If the body is the canvas, the soul is the animating power – the thing that transforms the canvas into a living expression of the Divine.

And the dynamic between the soul and the body is the playground where we get to work out our stuff. Your soul (or mine – this process is universal to all human beings) disembodies – departs – when it encounters stress or trauma. And here’s the important part: it doesn’t matter if the trauma/stress is happening at that moment, or something that was recorded in the body (painted) from an earlier point (interestingly this earlier point could even come from a prior lifetime). Until the trauma/stress is transmuted it continues to create challenges.

Those challenges include things like depression, anxiety, rage/anger, etc.

One final important detail: your soul (my or anyone’s soul – this is also universal) wants to be “home” – fully embodied – fully in every aspect of the canvas of your body.

So when things are good (let’s just think of this as resonance) the soul naturally begins to embody and come home. Yet when it encounters trauma or stress (let’s think of this as dissonance) it begins to disembody.

As it disembodies, there is a vacuum – and into this vacuum flows depression, anxiety, etc. – all the “symptoms” of PTSD.

This process sets up what I call the trauma cycle. Things are good so the soul naturally begins coming home. As long as there’s resonance, it continues to come home and stay embodied. Yet when dissonance is encountered (many times through “memories” of earlier trauma in specific locations in the body) it begins to disembody – and the symptoms come up again.

So the question is: how do we break this cycle?

Practice embodying your soul – and here’s the key: when you stay embodied while encountering the trauma energy/memories, you have begun to transmute the trauma (in some cases there’s a complete transmutation – that is, the trauma is no longer there – where there was once dissonance – there is now only resonance).

How could this be? Because the soul is the gateway through which you encounter/experience/feel the Divine. The Divine is your true nature – and traumas are artifacts of the illusion of separation (belief/experience of being separate from God).

My answers are simple on the one hand: embody your soul – and sustain (practice). On the other hand, complicated: this is the journey of our lives – this is the essence of the spiritual journey. To remember and experience who we really are: undistorted expressions and extensions of the Divine.

Embodying the soul is such a profound and powerful practice. And there are other practices that will powerfully support you on your healing journey.

I have a couple of resources that will support you on each aspect of your journey if you’re interested in exploring them:

1) A free video on the home page of my website that describes and walks you through embodying your soul. You can find that here: www.KenWStone.com
2) I do a free monthly introductory session that includes a live Q&A – typically the first Wednesday of the month (though November’s session is scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday). If exploring beyond an introductory video feels like a resonant next step to you I invite you to join me – here’s the place to sign up: www.KenWStone.com/events (you’ll also note that my end of year event called “4 Days of Healing” is also available if you’d like to sign up for that. It’s also free)
3) I offer a self-study course that has within it all the practices you will need to support you through not only embodying your soul – but also in experiencing your wholeness – and much more. If you’re ready to take action this course (Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I) is the way to do so – here’s where you can enroll: www.KenWStone.com/mastery/FSMI
4) Some people are so focused on their transformation they want to go immediately to working with me one-on-one. I really enjoy working with my clients in the space that opens through one-on-one sessions – and the place to start is with Foundations I. If you’d also like to chat about one-on-one – you can learn more about that here (but be sure to enroll in Foundations while you’re checking it out): www.KenWStone.com/services

Here’s the key: no matter how messed you up feel – no matter how limited by trauma your experience right now is – you have within you right now everything you need to uncover and experience your true nature.

If I can help or support you in having that experience of yourself, I’d be honored. But make no mistake: you already have it within you. You are in fact a divine being – an undistorted expression and extension of the Divine.

Here’s to an experience of that … with each breath that you draw in, and release.


That’s it for this week … From My Heart.



Ken W. Stone
The Soul Archaeologist
Experience the Divine Within