Be You — From My Heart

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Be You — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

I keep starting a new From My Heart. Last week I started three different letters to you – each with an important, raw, insight.
More awareness continues to pour out of me, and it’s all so raw. Raw for me to process and integrate. Raw for those around me who are illustrating and reinforcing it for me.
But raw doesn’t mean I can’t communicate – so here’s what I’ll say for this week: Own who you are. Be who you are. Unapologetically.
Know what you need, and what feels resonant for you. Make no compromises in your actions and commitments, for they will bite you in the backside and you will experience dissonance.
And when you compromise, own it as quickly as you can and let it go. For when you dismiss the dissonance from your field, only resonance will remain.
Resonance is your true nature, however it expresses through you. Trust the resonance, for it tells no lies. Even when you can’t understand it: Trust.
There’s so much more to say, and at the same time, nothing more to say.
So I’ll say this: I’m grateful we’re connected in this way.
That’s it for this week … From My Heart.



Ken W. Stone
The Soul Archaeologist
Experience the Divine Within