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Ken W. Stone,
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Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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You, Embodied in Peace




Ken W Stone

This past week I picked up the manuscript for my book to finish implementing the revisions I made notes about earlier this year.

As I was sinking back into the transmission of the book, I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. I closed them and went into the flow. It washed over me and drew me in deeper. In came the “other side” of integration that has been waiting for me.

When I became aware of the pandemic in March, I realized there was so much for me to integrate regarding the flow of information, news, and goings on in the world (I had been in a self-imposed news black-out for more than a year in favor of turning inward in my relationship with the Divine). As I sat with this on Sunday, I realized for all the work of integrating the news and everyday life, there are aspects of that space that I previously occupied full-time, which are not yet integrated with the flow of information that has become normal for me once again.

And as I sat with that quiet space off to the side, I sank in very deep, and began seeing my developmental journey since March as a series of steps. Opportunities for integration, and an ever expanding awareness.

I saw how upset I had become with the conspiracies about the pandemic, and many of the other expressions of noise that have made their way into the spiritual conversation, masquerading as a deeper expression of the truth.

I sat with this dynamic as a question came forward: How can we differentiate what is expressed in separation, and what is expressed in wholeness?

I saw the question in terms of the pandemic, and the conspiracies, the science, the energy underlying some of these expressions and the challenge in trying to communicate what is different between the truth in wholeness, and what appears to be real in separation.

And like a cool breeze on a lazy summer afternoon, in it blew; that which is held in separation has as part of its innate expression, drama. Whereas what is experienced or expressed in wholeness has no such noise.

I started to think about how so many spiritual messengers—teachers and authors, some of them good friends, whose approach to spirituality previously resonated deeply with me—who have tried to communicate their insights or agreement with much of the salacious conspiracy set as devoid of drama, while framing what they are saying as a challenge of good versus evil, or a chance to “get it right” or be on “the right side of history.” All of which are amplifying the drama of separation.

There are two fundamental expressions of the drama of separation: Fear, and Greed or Desire. One is disempowered, the other is empowered. But neither is real. By this I mean, neither is the undistorted expression of Divine Presence.

Is there such a thing as disempowered and integrated? Or empowered and integrated? I think so, but in both expressions, drama is not present.

Here’s an example: In any given moment, out of control wildfires are burning in different places around the world. These often threaten homes and people’s lives, and with that comes fear. Wildfires can be engaged with in separation. But they can also be engaged with from a place of wholeness.

The difference is one of soul embodiment. Said another way, it’s the difference between a perspective primarily experienced through thinking, feeling, or being. Each of these perspectives has its gifts, and each are essential as we engage in our lives.

Yet when the thinking perspective is dominant, the inner and outer world are experienced through the perspective of disempowered and separate. Fear and safety are the primary focus.

When feeling is dominant, the inner and outer world are experienced from the empowered and separate perspective. Life is an opportunity to express control and mold it according to your vision and dreams. Fear is replaced by greed or desire.

When being is dominant, the inner and outer world are experienced as a comprehensive expression of God’s presence. Note that in this third perspective, the heart and head are participating, but they are subordinate to being. The being experience informs the feelings which naturally begin to express, which in turn inform the thoughts which may begin to express as well.

This is why I am so focused on experiences of embodied resonance. When being presence is the first and dominant experience that is unfolding, everything else changes. Initially it’s in contrast to the adrenalized patterns of a life spent pursuing a safe path forward or trying to solve the problem of how to control and influence what life is presenting to make it more palatable.  Eventually the flow of divine resonance becomes so dominant the previously dominant patterns of separation and its various expressions and experiences of drama give way to a powerful peace that underlies everything.

Consider the wildfire. Do the three fundamentally different approaches to interacting with and responding to its presence open a pathway for clarity?

This framework can be applied to any situation or dynamic—and it’s not just about how you respond or experience what is unfolding. It applies to leadership in the context of family, community, country, and world. It applies to the group dynamics as well, and just as within your person, in groups the dominant embodied consciousness informs the experience.

So how can we shift? How do we take steps to transform our individual consciousness from a thinking/fear or feeling, control, and greed dominated perspective, to a being powerful peace dominated perspective? And how can we support this shift in the collective?

It comes down to soul embodiment. To the actual experience of being the powerful peace of God’s presence. Soul embodiment as a daily spiritual practice. And when the opportunity presents itself, soul embodiment in groups.

It does not involve sending energy or protection or intentions of peace or visualizing a peaceful future or new reality.

Why? Because these perspectives are caught in separation, and we are not actually separate. Not from ourselves, each other, or God. There is nothing to send. The Divine is already fully integrated and embodied within each human being individually and collectively. Within you. We do not need to visualize a new peaceful reality to bring it into being—God’s expression is whole. It is complete. It is love without limitation, so vast it defies the limits of your imagination. Yet you have an opportunity to experience and express it, by dropping into your being presence.

When we open to the experience of who and what we really are—undistorted expressions and extensions of the Divine—the being presence of God’s expression as you floods through every aspect of your body, mind, and life. It is enlivened within you, because it is already there. And not just within you, within everyOne.

As this deep resonance is enlivened within you, it is enlivened in everyone. Because we are all one. We can experience world peace through inner peace.


Wherever you are located in the world, you’re likely aware of an election we have very soon in the United States. If you live in the US, you can be part of this election provided you are old enough to vote.

What type of leader do you want? Which expression do you want to dominate in the consciousness of the country? Fear and Safety, Feeling and Greed or Desire, or Being and Peace?

Now allow the pandemic to come into your awareness. What kind of experience do you want? Fear and safety? Feeling, greed, and desire? Or being and peace?

This is not a fundamental question of control—for there is no way to control being and peace. It must be opened to, for peace cannot be posited, it must be uncovered. You can make space for it by being present. To be fully present you must be fully embodied. When you are embodied, you are being (present). If you’re not present, you’re not embodied (and vice versa), in which case you might be attempting to be in control or focused on fear or some other artifact of separation.

This is not to say that being afraid of the pandemic is a problem, any more than being afraid of a wildfire is a problem.

But will you become consumed and identified with fear or desire? Will your thinking or feeling process dominate?

Or will you instead slowly come down into your hips. Home in your body. Will you open to the peace and power of God’s presence?

If you do, what will follow? The truth is, I don’t know.

What I do know is that a peace that surpasses all understanding floods into every aspect of your being when your soul is embodied. The profound experience of resonance enlivens other expressions of resonance. And when you practice soul embodiment and open further to the Divine Mystery, something beyond your ability to imagine begins to unfold in the inner and the outer. As it unfolds within you, it unfolds within everyone.

Eventually, we have opened to the experience world peace by focusing on inner peace, by being present.

Join me later today as we explore and practice soul embodiment, and open to a deeper experience of the Divine within, and the resonance and peace that follows. I’ll be live on YouTube at 5p Eastern here (replays on the same link).

That’s all for this week . . . From My Heart.

We are always in God’s Love and Presence,


PS – Deep Dive XII takes place tomorrow. The focus is on Self-Care for the Embodied Messenger.