Year of the Embodied Messenger

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Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Year of the Embodied Messenger




Ken W Stone

At the beginning of January, I had this strong sense that this is the year of the Embodied Messenger. 

I’m sure every year is the year of the Embodied Messenger. But 2022 feels different. I see this year as a huge opportunity for messengers to profoundly integrate and embody.

Just so we’re clear about the terms I’m using:

A Spiritual Messenger is someone who is consciously aware of the role their inner relationship with  (and expression of) the Divine plays in their interactions with others. We are all Spiritual Messengers in our integrated and embodied expression. By the way, I don’t think being a messenger means that you have to be an author, healer, or anything else that might appear to be related to spirituality. Being human, in interaction with others or the natural world opens the door to allowing this expression to blossom.

An embodied messenger is one whose divine expression (their unique spiritual gifts) express fully merely through their presence. In your fully integrated and embodied expression, you are an embodied messenger.

And: You are fully integrated and embodied. Everyone is. Whether we’re having this experience of ourselves is an entirely different question. 🙂


In mid-January last year I sat down one morning with a flipchart and asked God to inspire me. I wanted to return to space of wonder and awe, which historically had been a powerful place from which to engage in my mission, work, and life.

What poured in was a series of downloads reinforcing the focus of my entire mission: serving Spiritual Messengers. It inspired me, it energized me, and it . . . queued up some BIG integration work! 

There have been periods over the last year when the stuff coming up for attention felt so overwhelming, I wondered if I would be able to successfully work my way through it and integrate. 2021 was a year of spiritual heavy lifting for me.

12 months after the downloads and inspiration flooded in (time is an illusion – don’t forget!) I am now integrated and embodied enough to honor and respond to the call.

As I’ve reflected on all of this and continued to support and witness spiritual messengers in my private practice, I’ve started thinking about what blossoms with integration and embodiment as the magic of Divine Presence

From the separate perspective, the magic of Divine Presence appears to be the result of a magic pill or wand, which if only it could be secured, would fix everything and render reality as we wish it to be. The myth of the magic pill has sustained the careers of a great many Spiritual Messengers who are doing the deep developmental work of stage two consciousness. How many millions (billions?) of dollars have been invested pursing the myth of the magic pill/wand? How many years? How many dreams have been dashed? How many messengers have thought themselves a failure because they couldn’t figure it out?

All the while, the magic of Divine Presence is the result of many long hours, years, and decades of deep spiritual work. It’s not just doing time. The magic comes from integration and embodiment. What is being integrated? The separate self. The very aspect that thinks there’s a magic pill or wand to be secured. What is being embodied? The whole self—the undistorted divine expression as you. 

The magic of Divine Presence is the result of the profoundly difficult and rewarding work of integration and embodiment. There is no magic pill or wand.

This isn’t a very appealing message to the empowered and unintegrated self, but it is the truth.


How will I support the Spiritual Messengers with whom I feel so powerfully called to engage? This is the question that was bubbling up as the New Year opened.

The answers have been shooting off like fireworks:

==>Seeded in the request for a retreat from a member of the Deep Dive circle last year. 

==>In an event planned for April of 2020, now taking place in April of 2022.

==>In the questions that pour in nearly every day from Spiritual Messengers around the world.

==>In the inspiration and guidance in meditation, my daily walking time or shower, in the silence with nature, in the inspiration of the sacred music that is the soundtrack of my life.

This is the year of the embodied messenger!


If there’s resonance between what I’m sharing and what you’re feeling called to in your journey as a spiritual messenger, I invite you to engage with the following free event:

I facilitated a free webinar where I answered the 5 most frequently asked spiritual messenger questions. Click this link (where you’ll also be able to see what the five most frequently asked questions are) and register with your name and email address.

This is the year of the Embodied Spiritual Messenger. 

It’s time to transmute (the noise), integrate (your separate self), and Be (Divine Presence). 

That’s it for this week . . . From My Heart.

Much Love and Peace,