Three Perspectives

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Three Perspectives




Ken W Stone

I have a tendency to focus on seeing patterns. With recognition I can surface the stuff I’ve been interacting with unconsciously, while at the same time helping me understand my developmental journey with spirituality and as a messenger. They also help me teach what I’m learning.

In some ways I knew what the two themes of the last three weeks were going to be before I started engaging and living them. Looking back – they’re very clear:

1) Restoring and engaging in deep self-care

2) Reflecting on the most important message for me at this time


I needed to focus on deep self-care because I was too focused outside of myself. My basic motivation for engaging on any particular day was others. When this happens, I know I’m out of balance and my only option for restoration is to stop, unplug, and get back in touch with myself.

The way back to balance has been writing, and completely letting go of everything in my schedule other than the existing sessions and classes that were already booked. Even to the point of not writing my weekly From My Heart email or doing the Wednesday YouTube livestream. I needed to reconnect at a deep enough level where it was OK for me to do as I wanted and needed to, for me and no one else.


At the same time, I’ve been homing in on the most important message for me right now. The lesson which will most support my acceleration forward in my spiritual journey as well as my journey as a spiritual messenger.

As the message has come through, I’ve smiled and laughed. It’s so simple and basic. It is precisely what I most need to hear and practice right now.

I’m sharing it here in case there’s value for you as well . . .


There are three basic perspectives available to us when we encounter any aspect of our inner or outer lives.

We can think, feel, or be. From a soul embodiment perspective, these correlate to the head, heart, and hips.

Although these perspectives may seem obvious and unimportant, the impact of each is profound on every level of life, because each has a very different goal.

Thinking is mostly focused on solving problems and achieving safety.

Feeling is generally focused on a sense of independence and achieving the empowered dream.

Feelings that involve others tend to move us into a thinking dynamic. Thoughts that involve no one else result is an empowered focus and quickly transition to a feeling dynamic.

Being is an entirely different perspective. Whereas thinking and feeling have an intimate, inter-related dynamic, being is not predicated on either. As a result, something entirely different unfolds, which does not follow the rules of thinking or feeling.

For example, if an individual has been struggling with trying to understand the way to solve a problem or find a pathway to a better feeling to support the realization of a dream, the contrast of being wipes out both focal points. Instead there is a calm peace underlying everything. It could also be referred to as love.

This peace or love doesn’t come from thoughts or feelings, though if the being perspective is marinated in long enough, congruent feelings and eventually thoughts, will arise.

This process is universal. There is no aspect of one’s inner or outer life that isn’t impacted in this way by each of these three perspectives.

Being always opens a pathway to a deep experience of presence. It’s not dependent on a particular set of external circumstances to exist. Even in the most challenging or upsetting situations, being presence is fully available. Underneath everything else is presence, and from presence flows peace and love.

This is the link between practical spirituality and everyday life. When one opens to and eventually cultivates the being perspective as primary, eventually all aspects of one’s inner and outer life come into a state of resonance that includes peace and love.

It’s also the link between practical spirituality and your divine mission as a spiritual messenger. Marinating in the foundation of being presence, the path forward is always clear. Being presence always leads to deeper experiences of resonance and alignment in every aspect of one’s mission.

Even if the same actions or path were engaged with from a thinking or feeling perspective, they would not result in the same experience. That’s how powerful the impact of being presence has on your work, how you serve and engage with others, and each step forward in your journey as a spiritual messenger.

Wondering what the right path forward is related to a private internal or public external question? Dropping into a being presence always illuminates the next step.

And so it is with literally every inner and outer aspect of our lives.


Consider something you’re upset or afraid about right now. Think about it—no doubt you already have. But think about it some more. You might think you have a special insight into how to resolve your fear right now (or you might not). But if you hold in your awareness the last time you went through this dynamic, or anytime you’ve been through it, you’ll realize this approach has never ever delivered a sense of sustaining peace and calm. Though it has often resulted in the idea of a successful outcome, never once has it sustained at the level of felt-experience.

So it is with the feeling perspective. However powerful the sense of momentum, no matter how clear the path forward towards the realization of any dream, or the underlying dream of complete love, it has never delivered. Not on a sustaining basis. The good feelings fade; they don’t deliver the felt-in-the-body feeling of unshakable connection and inner resonance that are the unspoken motivation underneath every dream.

Unshakable resonance can only be found in the being perspective where it automatically sustains.

Amazingly, everything else is found in being presence as well. Being presence is the next step to address whatever is coming up for attention in your inner and outer experience, life, and mission.


I’m confident what I’m sharing isn’t news. In fact, I’m sure that absolutely nothing I could ever say to you is new.

My goal is to offer a gentle reminder of something so basic, it may from time to time fall out of conscious awareness.

Especially when there appear to be so many things to try to think about or worry about that relate to basic questions of safety. The myriad apparent problems that we are faced with individually and collectively whose solution has become urgent.

Along with the compelling invitation to return to the dream and chart a course forward. From the chaos, perhaps something new can be born. The phoenix rising from the ashes.

Yet once we have experienced the extraordinary opening that flows from being presence, we understand something that defies the conclusions of the other two perspectives: only here, in being, is the solution and the safety we have long sought. But rather than a solution that we can think our way to, or another dimension of reality we can feel our way into, it is much more simple. There is no charge, no challenge. No polarity which leads to the answer, just a third option forward which defies the other two in its logic, whose experience defies the conventional cosmology of causality which has reinforced the efficacy of the mind and the power of the heart.

Only in being presence does everything resolve, for only in being is the Divine fully embodied.


If you’d like to have an experience of coming into being presence, here are two links to YouTube videos I did that include a transmission to support this experiential shift: and

That’s it for this week . . . From My Heart

We are always in God’s Love and Presence,


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