Elite Athlete Additional Resources

Elite Athlete Additional Resources

Additional Resources For Going Deeper with this Work

The potential that has begun to be enlivened in you through the sessions I’ve shared with you is but a drop in the bucket of what is possible with this work.

Integrating embodied divine presence leads to many extraordinary experiences including spontaneous healing, faster recovery times, being more profoundly connected to yourself and much more.

Perhaps most profound of all the natural by-products of integrating embodied divine presence is a sustaining experience of inner peace and fulfillment, no matter what is unfolding in your life professionally or personally.

If what I’ve shared with you so far has resonated with you, I wanted to invite you to explore three options for moving deeper with this work. To break through the high achievers’ glass ceiling and do the work of the final 3% is to explore, embody, and integrate total alignment with divine will and all the unique ways God expresses in, through, and as you. While this work is *very* different, its most profound effects are the result of substantial commitment and extraordinary inner work.

If you’re ready, I invite you to explore these options, and choose the one that best fits with where you’re at in your developmental journey in consciousness.

  • Option One: Working with Me One-On-One

    • This is the most intense, powerful, and profound of the three options, especially for top performing high achievers who have run into the glass ceiling of stage two, and who are ready to bust through into a new experience of themselves, their gifts, and the world.
    • One-on-one work requires a substantial commitment, perhaps matched only by your pursuit of excellence in sport.
    • Because I have limited availability in my private practice, and only work with individuals with whom I resonate deeply with on an ongoing basis, I require an application if you’re interested in pursuing one-on-one work with me.
    • If your application is accepted, it is for an initial single, virtual, session only, during which you will have an opportunity to experience, explore, and evaluate, and I will have an opportunity to experience if there’s the deeper resonance I require for ongoing work.
    • If you’re interested in pursuing working with me one-on-one, I encourage you to complete the application which can be found here. Applications are evaluated in the order they are received.
  • Option Two: Working with Me in Large Group Sessions

    • The group work available at this time is not focused exclusively on top performing high achievers, though the spiritual foundation is exactly the same.
    • Group work requires a modest financial investment of money, and the time, patience, and your commitment are yours to manage individually.
    • Every week there is at least one almost-always-live transmission, sometimes as many as three. Some people have said for them, there’s no difference between group and individual work, though this comment tends to correlate with individuals who aren’t yet ready to bust through the stage two glass ceiling.
    • Group sessions include participants from a wide range of spiritual development – all are committed to their spiritual growth and developmental work in consciousness.
    • For powerful, deep, virtual, group spiritual work, learn about Resonance Institute Membership and become a member here.
  • Option Three: Exploring Divine Resonance Self-Study Program

    • This program is a great way to “dip your toe into the water” of this work, without making a commitment.
    • Exploring Divine Resonance,includes the teaching, transmission, and Q&A portions from each class in this 17-week program. Submit your questions through the Resonance Institute as you participate in each week’s class, and I will personally respond.
    • Register for this free program, by visiting this page.

If you have any questions about these options, anything else, or you’d like to share more about your experience in the sessions I’ve shared with you so far, please respond to any of the emails I’ve sent you, and I’ll respond to you personally.

With Much Love and Peace,