Apply to Work with Me

Apply to Work with Me

Apply to Work with Me One-On-One

Individual work is often the best solution for top performing high achievers because your time is limited, there’s no need to catch up from last week’s class, and you won’t be directed to other resources for solutions and support for whatever is coming into focus or being enlivened.

Whatever is unfolding in your being, game, body, and life and whatever else is in the queue each time we connect for your session, is my sole focus. I am fully present with you.

The entirety of our work together can be virtual, ensuring you have the support you need, when you need it, without complicating your already busy calendar and travel schedule.

An application (below) is required because my time is limited, and I want to focus my private practice on supporting top performing high achievers who can benefit most from this depth and intensity of work.

  • A Few Important Details Before You Apply:

    • If you are approved, the approval is for a single, virtual session, to be conducted on a private, recorded audio only conference line – so you have a recording of the session, and can relax fully into the experience.
    • During this session you will have an opportunity to explore, experience, and come to clarity about whether working with me on an ongoing basis. And I will have the opportunity to experience in transmission working with you.
    • If I experience deep and profound resonance during our session, I will extend an offer to you to work together one-on-one, on an ongoing basis, or to join the waitlist if our schedules are not currently aligned.
    • Should you be offered ongoing one-on-one session work, you will have the option of electing to be the only person in your sport (if applicable, by gender) to work with me on an ongoing basis.
    • If you are not approved, or are not interested in working with me on an ongoing basis one-on-one, you will have the option of participating in large group sessions if you would like to explore this work at greater depth.
    • The exchange for the single one-on-one session is US$10,000, payable before an appointment time can be confirmed (by wire or credit card).
    • If I need to reschedule your session, you will be offered a makeup session, plus one additional complimentary session for the inconvenience of rescheduling.
    • If you reschedule with less than 48 hours notice, fail to show, or need to reschedule a second time, the exchange for your session is consumed as if you had completed the session and you will be offered one additional session (for an additional exchange of $10,000 (US)).
    • The exchange for ongoing work is for 24 sessions (US$240,000), payable by wire transfer. If you prefer to use a credit card, the processing fee will be added to the exchange amount.
    • Renewals for ongoing work will be offered at the conclusion of each package and you will be grandfathered at the original exchange for as long as you remain an active client.
    • This deep spiritual work takes years to embody and integrate, not weeks or months.
    • Refunds for single sessions or ongoing work are not offered.
    • Applications are processed on an as-submitted basis.

Please click this link for the application (it’s a simple google form) – or follow this link:

If you have any questions please email me, and I’ll personally respond to you.

With Much Love and Peace,