Separation — From My Heart

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Separation — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

Two cosmologies:

Everything is Divine.

There is Good and Evil.

Which is correct?


One prescribes protection as necessary for engaging in the world.

Entities to be removed and guarded against.

Dark forces focused on derailing you and taking you away from all that is good (health, purpose, connection, joy, peace, etc.).


Two perspectives exist:



Which is correct?


If everything is Divine, why do some people commit murder and others genocide?

The answer lies in the pain of separation.

[Separation itself is Divine as it arises from the mind (the ego) Separation is an essential component of being a human being. It is the unique opportunity to resolve the fundamental paradox (duality/non-duality) that arises exclusively from being in the body: to remember and fully experience who you really are; to fully integrate; to experience enlightenment/Spiritual Mastery.]


Early on in my career I spent a great deal of time removing entities from my clients.

They were like rows of shark teeth: remove one set – and another would appear.

Always more to remove and clear and protect against.

Can you see how powerful the illusion of separation is? The more you search for separation, the more you find.

Just like clearing subconscious beliefs: they are never ending.


Clearing dissonance and removing entities is not the same as actually having an experience of your true nature.

This fact was powerfully reinforced for me in the fall of 2010 when I received the Beneath the Sand download.

The picture was so clear, and so simple: the illusion of separation (which I saw represented by a layer of grains of sand) is the only thing getting in the way of a direct experience of one’s true, undistorted Divine nature on every level of the body, mind, soul, as well as all other aspects of life.

Further, I saw how to move beneath the illusion of separation and have an affirmative experience of wholeness.


Sometimes there’s so much noise, it must be cleared prior to going Beneath the Sand.

Though one may precede the other, the experience of clearing is galaxies away from the experience of wholeness.


The most powerful consistent preparation for experiencing your wholeness is to bring your soul back into your body, call your power home, and pierce separation.


My strategy for resolving the pain of separation is sometimes destructive (anger), moving me further into separation.

Other times my approach is highly effective (going Beneath the Sand – or practicing Divine Connecting Breath), and the illusion of separation melts away.


Each instance of consciousness is complete expression of the Divine, including every human being that is alive, who has ever lived, or who will ever live.

And so it is with the animals.

And the plants, the trees – and the rocks.

And the Breath.

None are greater or lesser expressions. None more or less Divine.


We have an opportunity to love others unconditionally, regardless of where they are on the continuum of separation, no matter how they are responding to the resulting pain.


We have this same opportunity in loving ourselves.


Even when I respond to others in anger, or use hateful words in frustration.

Each moment I have an opportunity to love myself as the Divine loves me.

Fully and completely, without reservation or qualification.

Suffering from the pain of Separation, or in a state of union and bliss.

Unconditional, Unmitigated Divine Love.

The kind that makes you giggle and weep and takes your breath away with wonder and awe.


The contrast of one approach (Good V. Evil) creates an awareness of the other (All Divine).

Yet you are a bright light … always.


One approach invites you fully embody your true nature.

The other invites you further into separation.


If you could, which would you choose?

Duality or Non-Duality?

All is Divine – or Good and Evil?


Is the answer simply a matter of perspective as with so many other questions of consciousness?


I once wrote a From My Heart on the “Seduction of Separation.”

Still seems right to me – separation is quite seductive for so many different reasons.

Yet union is what we are all seeking – the antidote to the hole in our collective (and individual) heart.


Relief lies through that door – deep with you.

Where separation is resolved.

Where we have remembered who we are – have surrendered – and are experiencing what is real (ahh the limitations of language – itself borne of separation) – indeed “what is real” is constantly unfolding and revealing itself to us, just as it is with the Divine.

That’s all for this week…From My Heart.

I am so grateful we’re connected in this way. Thank you for including me in your life!