Preparatory Resources

Preparatory Resources

Welcome to the Prep Resource Downloads!

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

I’m excited to share these resources with you as you prepare for the experience you’ve signed up to receive:

I have a strong sense that these resources are essential in order to make the most of the session I’ll be sharing with you. You might find that these resources open a meaningful experience of resonance in your body or mind. These are guided meditations, whereas the session I’ll be sharing with you is what I call a transmission – where I’ll be working with you on a deeper level, energetically or spiritually.

You may well “drop out” – something many of my students and clients do both in group and one-on-one session (it could happen in any of these prep sessions – or in the subsequent session I’ll be sharing with you). You might think you’ve gone to sleep – but you haven’t. Your conscious mind has simply moved to a deeper level of work and isn’t able to stay consciously aware anymore. It happens all the time (if it doesn’t happen to you, you’ve done nothing wrong) and is very normal. Sometimes it happens while I’m talking, some of the time it happens in the silence. Always you’ll “come back” as the session is wrapping up – though it may seem like I started a sentence saying one thing and ended it saying something else. If you look at the computer or your phone (or however you’re listening or streaming the session, you’ll see time has passed even if you’re not aware of it).

  • Divine Connecting Breath

    • Many people have commented on how powerful the experience of the first resource, Divine Connecting breath is on its own. One of the things that’s so important about this guided experience from my perspective, is that I’m guiding you to a deeper experience of who you are within yourself – and whatever visceral sense of that experience might arise, it is you – and that’s clear because it’s a guided meditation.

      Note that the same sensations, perhaps even in more amplified ways, might open when we go into transmission together. And since you’ve had an experience of them on your own, you won’t be confused: you are feeling yourself and the Divine within (rather than me) when we’re working together at that deeper level. I am witnessing you, but I am not doing anything. The work is within you, between you and the Divine, by whatever name.
    • DCB arrived in my awareness early in 2009 when I was working with a client in private session, who had advanced terminal cancer. On the day it revealed itself, he was talking about how much he loved his wife, his daughter, his dog, and nature, and how he would miss them. Before I could stop myself, I said: “I’m going to share something you can teach them and do together with them, no matter what else is going on” and Divine Connecting Breath came out of my mouth next. I’ve shared it with tens or possibly even hundreds of thousands of people since then. And I’m excited to share it with you.
    • Divine Connecting Breath is how I begin each session. It’s a guided meditation that supports you in moving from the default state most of us live our lives from (in separation) – to a deeper experience of our connection with the Divine, and to everyone and everything.
    • This first video is of me teaching it way back in 2010. It’s a complete explanation of it, though you’ll hear a much abbreviated version in the spiritual healing session that I’ll be sharing with you. Watch the Divine Connecting Breath video here.
  • The Enliven Session (from the most recent Resonance Experiment)

    • In this video, I teach an abbreviated version of Divine Connecting Breath, along with a brief exploration of the stages of consciousness. I share it differently than I did with you in the video from – so I thought it would be helpful in expanding your understanding and awareness.
    • Watch the Enliven Session here.
  • Finally, I want to share this wonderful interview I did with Dr. Bruce Lipton, not as a preparation, but for fun (and insights too!).

    • I got to interview a number of extraordinary spiritual messengers for the most recent Resonance Experiment – and more to come, for sure! This interview with Bruce was especially fun for many different reasons. I invite you to listen in and to enjoy his brilliance, enthusiasm, and another expression of resonance.
    • Listen to my interview with Bruce Liption here.

I so believe in your message and of you helping us evolve because obviously the world is in a very strange situation, and we’re in evolution, and the evolution is completely grounded in your understanding of resonance and vibrations. And that’s where the seed of this revolution is coming from.

Dr. Bruce Lipton - Stem Cell Biologist, Best-Selling Author and Goi Peace Award Winner October 24, 2018

You Really Know God Never by Thinking, but by Experience or Resonance.

Father Thomas Keating, was a monk, priest, author, and one of the three architects of Centering Prayer April 23, 2019