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Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Practical Spirituality — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

Have you ever wondered what the impact of living life in full alignment with the Divine would be?

Perhaps you’ve daydreamed about your “perfect life” and held intentions that it manifest?


I know that when you focus energy on your most essential relationship – yourself and the Divine (is there a difference between the two?) – the rest unfolds beautifully.

Not always the way that we want. But always in the way that we need and (provided we have completely let go of control) in ways that are fully the expression of Divine Resonance.


What does Divine Resonance feel like?

It feels like inner joy. Like peace. Like a calm that bubbles up from inside, needing nothing in particular (certainly nothing external) to sustain. Living life in Divine Resonance is the most extraordinary experience!


Is any aspect of your life immune to Divine Resonance?

While you may know the answer to be “no!” – your experience might want tell you otherwise.

Instead, think of the areas of dissonance that remain in your life as signposts pointing the way towards great resonance, if only you can learn the lessons.


And what are the lessons at their essence?

The Divine is in everything – including you. Feeling the Divine presence in your body is a powerful reminder and anchor to this fact.

And: when you get out of the way completely the omnipresent Divine erupts into all aspects of your life.

Every. Aspect. Of. Your. Life.


And how do we balance what we understand about Divine Resonance and surrender?

When do we take action, and what does surrender actually look like?


To my mind, surrender relates to attachment not action.

I work hard to honor the implementation of my guidance and inspiration.

And I remain detached with regard to process and outcomes.

How do I know when I’m attached?

Because I’m feeling dissonance (around process or outcomes).


Is there more to say?

Yes – of course. And unless the essentials are addressed (resonance at the deepest level of self in conjunction with the Divine), the rest of the conversation is rendered moot.


And when there’s resonance at the core, the rest of the conversation is fun. That’s when we enter the realm of practical spirituality – that is we begin talking about how we can work with and witness that inner resonance in each area of our lives.

I love it when this conversation takes place as a reflection of what has already taken place – rather than a projection of what might happen – or what is possible.

Do I reveal my enthusiasm for creation and my tendency for attachment with this admission?


The process of creation is extraordinary. To follow your ideas, your guidance, the inner eruption of Divine Resonance!

I remember the first time I saw the flow of creative energy and intention combined with the energy of surrender – it was during the 4 Days of Healing in the transition into 2012 I believe. I saw the picture of a wave coming into shore (creative energy and intention) that comes to an apex and then the water begins to flow back into the ocean (complete surrender). Each wave breaks with extraordinary power – and that same power is returned to the see with surrender as the water returns to the body from which it came.

I’ve been playing with that imagery ever since. It has been a powerful practice!!

I encourage you to play with it as well. I’d love to hear what comes up for you – and what you see unfolding in your life as a result!


One of the ways I’ve been playing with this image has been around getting out and speaking and working with groups in person in a bigger way.

It’s been an interesting journey to be sure. And when I’ve been fully surrendered and in alignment, amazing things have erupted!

Including an event at the end of the month that I’ll be doing with my friend and colleague Alan Davidson in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Some day I’ll have to share with you how this event has come together, and the examples of divine resonance erupting in my life for this event to be created.

It’s been extraordinary. If you live in New Mexico (US) or plan to be visiting Santa Fe at the end of the month (May of 2014) I invite you to check it out – it would be great fun to share time in person together!!

Here’s where you can learn more:

As an aside, soon I’ll have a way to register for notification for other cities around N America and beyond, as well as a way for you to make requests or suggestions for where you’d like to see me talk and do group healing sessions – as well as day-long workshops. I’ll keep you posted when that functionality is updated on my site. I’m excited to see what unfolds!!


Are you excited to explore Divine Resonance and eruptions of alignment and Divine expression in your life?

Remember: begin with the most essential relationship – with yourself, with the Divine within. Feel the resonance of that energy flowing and expressing itself through you. Combine this with a letting go of all attachments and control.

And witness what happens next!! I’d love to hear about what comes up for you through this process – and what unfolds next in your life!!

That’s it for this week … From My Heart.



Ken W. Stone
The Soul Archaeologist
Experience the Divine Within