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Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Mistakes — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

Do you ever make mistakes?

I do all the time.


First there’s the all important question of what constitutes a mistake?


I remember a project that grew out of a desire to make lots of money in my prior career as a mortgage lender.

An idea was born. Training was undertaken. Seminars were conducted. One was shot on video – a DVD was created. An e-book was written.

An online marketing campaign was created.

A variety of well-known experts affirmed the value of the project and its inevitable success.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars were invested.

Financial ruin including bankruptcy and foreclosure followed.

If this series of events had unfolded any other way, I would have never paid attention when Lin told me “you should be working as a healer.”

Was any of this a mistake?


From time to time I get into negotiations for services or products where things go awry.

My feelings get hurt – or I hurt someone else’s feelings (sometimes both happen). It’s usually a function of being overly identified with my ego (aka – caught in separation).

Most of the time, but not always, I’m able to come to a better place within myself – and with the other.

Still, these experiences aren’t fun. They usually include eating humble pie (not my favorite dish).

And lots of perspective and awareness of the myriad ways that I can get caught in the illusion of separation.

Yet are any of these a mistake?


Is our idea of mistakes a function of believing in perfection?

Does the concept of perfection arise from our desire to transcend being human?

Do we associate being human with being fundamentally flawed?


Is that true – are we fundamentally flawed?


What does it mean to be an undistorted expression and extension of the Divine?

Does this mean our humanity disappears?

Are we “made perfect” when we sustain remembering and experiencing who we really are but not until then?


Moments of clarity come to me at the strangest times:


When I’ve finally surrendered completely and I realize at the depth of my being that EVERYTHING that I have done in my life to that point has profoundly served me in arriving at this point – the point of freedom and complete liberation.


When I realize that I am not struggling with God and God is not withholding from me. My struggles relate only to me. My ideas of not only how – but also what.

And when I experience the Divine’s unending love, I get it. I am the only thing getting in my way.


Contemplating the word surrender, I consider the implication that another’s will supersedes mine – it is to this other that I surrender.

This may be true in battle with another person, faction or nation.

But is it true with the Divine?


What is Divine will?


What is the nature of God’s love?


Is the question of worthiness mine, or the Divine’s?


Is it possible to make a mistake from the perspective of the Divine?


Do you ever make mistakes?


I’m rethinking my answer to this question …

That’s it for this week … From My Heart.



PS – Many times I make grammatical and/or spelling mistakes in my weekly From My Heart – and I’m grateful for those who email to point them out. We all have a gift – and editing isn’t one of mine!

PPS – Can I please ask for your feedback on something I’m thinking about? I’ve had a number of emails lately from people looking for sessions focused on a specific theme – or for a specific session. Would you be interested in getting access to the library of previous group healing sessions that I’ve conducted – on a session by session basis (or possibly on a theme basis)?

As you may know the only way to access these prior sessions (and participate in them as they happen each week) is through The Sanctuary – which is exclusively available to people who have enrolled in the Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I course. The Sanctuary is about a hundred dollars a month – and includes the complete library of group healing sessions as downloadable MP3’s.

Individual sessions could be packaged as theme groups – or available for about fifty dollars a session. Just hit reply to let me know what you think of this … and know that I’m grateful for your feedback. It’s helpful to focus my team’s time and energy on projects that will serve you in ways that matter to you. 🙂

Ken Stone
The Soul Archaeologist
Experience the Divine Within