Intention V Surrender

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Intention V Surrender




Ken W Stone

It feels like two parties to a lawsuit: Intention V Surrender. Who will win?


Sunday morning, I awoke with a profound awareness. I wish I’d written it down in that moment. I made notes about it later in the day – but they’re not as eloquent as the awareness as it unfolded in my transition from dream time to being awake.


In aggregate my notes say:

There is an inverse relationship between attention on the external, and the experience of resonance.

Your experience of resonance is a direct result of your consciousness.


What stage of consciousness are you at?


For the sake of simplicity, there are four stages of consciousness.






For the record, on extraordinary days, I experience all four.

Union makes the day extraordinary. The other three are usually available to me whenever I like. Occasionally I still choose Victim.


If you seek to master the art of manifesting, others are better suited to teach you.


As a planet we are moving from Controlling/Manifesting Consciousness to Conduit Consciousness.

This is the process that I am here to support.


I am aware of six practices that facilitate this transition:

Embody Your Soul

Call Your Power Home

Pierce Separation

Experience Wholeness

Surrender Completely

Practice the first Five


These same six practices support all transformation, for they necessarily lead to a new perspective – a perspective that results from a new experience.


Letting go (surrender) is the key to transcending … until you are at the doorstep of union.


In Union, what is there to transcend?


At the end of every journey through Manifesting/Controlling Consciousness is this truth: control (which arises from the ego) is born of separation. That which arises from separation is not in and of itself capable of piercing separation.


At the end, by whatever words we use to describe it, we are all seeking to pierce separation – to come to an experience of our wholeness, of our true nature.


Thus we discover the limitation of Controlling/Manifesting Consciousness: we cannot manifest that which we truly seek by our intention.


Surrender is the only door through we can pass and begin to comprehend and experience our true nature.


Surrender is also the hallmark of Conduit Consciousness.


Conduit Consciousness marks the transition from the Divine as my instrument to: I am an instrument of the Divine.

From God as my servant, to I am God’s servant.


Rather than telling God what I want to experience, I listen to find out what God wants to experience through me.


Does this mean that intentions are bad or wrong – or something I don’t engage in any longer?

Heck no!!

I am a regular human being – just like you.

I love to dream and create and think of fun experiences that I will enjoy.

When they erupt into intention, I celebrate that birthing process.
And then I surrender them completely.

Not just the how – but also the what.

All of it.


And when they happen, I celebrate the experience of my intentions manifesting in my life.


With each breath, I celebrate the experience of flow and resonance in every aspect of my life.


Is there something here for you this week – something you can take and play with or apply in your own life?

As always, only you know the answer.

That’s it for this week … From My Heart.



Ken Stone
The Soul Archaeologist
Experience the Divine Within