In the Circle with You (crying)

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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In the Circle with You (crying)




Ken W Stone

When I see myself sitting in the circle with you and the rest of our community, I am moved to tears.

I cry because I see God’s presence in you and as you.

I cry because all the noise falls away, and there is only Divine Presence here. Not just in and as you and the others here, but in and as everyone and everything on the planet. No us versus them. No light and darkness. All the polarities which seem to be nipping at our individual and collective heel, have melted together and are expressing as one.

I cry from relief, because whatever veneer of pretense or separation that I have been feeling has melted away.

I cry because I woke up this morning with three things in my awareness for our circle today. I want to share them with you, and yet I know they are just for me.

I cry in wonder and awe at how the Divine expresses as you, and I wonder what you will share today? 

And I cry because I have noticed my separate self’s tendency to gravitate towards the ideal of perfection through control, and without realizing it the undercurrent of control has been taking up residence within me. As I come to the circle today, I can feel this falling away, and a deeper level of authenticity and vulnerability filling in the spaces where just yesterday control lived.


Remember the importance of self-care. God’s expression through you is primarily meant for you, for everyone has this fountain of Divine Presence within them.

Whatever else may be going on in your day, the world, or in your thoughts or body, take time to deeply be in the experience of the Divine within your being. This will always bring you home, so you can be as you really are, in each and every sacred and holy moment.


Seva—selfless service—ensures that the turn inward to care for self always includes the whole.

Seva is about being as you really are, with others, by pulling weeds, or running errands, or . . .

Seva can also be a powerful mirror for examining motivation, while loving those aspects of the unintegrated shadow, for they may well reveal themselves here. 


Identified with the disempowered or empowered separate self, we send love, or healing. Identified with the whole self, we sink into the endless depths of the ocean of God’s presence within, and there, we find every expression of the One. 

There is nothing to send. We have nothing to offer anyone that they don’t already possess, as if one could possess God.

The opportunity instead, is to enliven what is already within. Enliven, integrate, and embody the Divine within each of us here. When I do this work within me and you do this work within you, God’s presence is enlivened within everyone.

There is nothing to send.


I’d like to gather like this in a virtual circle each week with you through a video live stream where we can sit together, share ideas, and be in deep resonance together.

The last couple of weeks I’ve live streamed on Monday at Noon Eastern. But that time and day of the week doesn’t feel resonant to me. Instead I’d like to try Wednesdays at 5p Eastern (US).

Let’s gather later today.

If you’ve never done a live stream, I want to explain how you can participate:

==> It’s free via YouTube or Facebook.

If you’re most comfortable with YouTube, you can participate with our virtual circle here:

If you’re most comfortable with Facebook, you can participate with our virtual circle here:

==> You can ask questions or share. Or sit in the circle in silence and resonate. Or all three.

==> When you get on live stream, you’ll see me sitting in my writing space in my home, where I’m sitting as I write this letter to you now, where I write every morning.

When you submit your questions and comments (during or after our virtual circle) you’re connecting with and sharing in another way with our entire community.

You can watch the replay anytime.

I’ll be sitting in the virtual circle with you later today at 5p Eastern (US).

The starting point for our exploration for today’s circle comes from community member Su B who asked me to define ego (possibly because I made a comment in last week’s live stream about the ego still being a part of our whole expression). I’ll start with this topic later today – and see where our conversation unfolds from there. 


Thank you for being part of this community. I am so grateful we’re connected in this way.

That’s all for today . . . From My Heart.

Always in God’s Love and Presence, Further Into the Mystery—All the More Extraordinary With You!


PS – Note these free resources are available to support you in your spiritual work:

==> Monday’s circle on experiencing inner peace (includes transmission):

==> Today’s FAQ Video – which continues the exploration of last week’s topic (do thoughts create reality):

This low-cost resource is available to support you in your spiritual work:

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