God’s Holding on Line One — From My Heart

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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God’s Holding on Line One — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

The simple and the complex – both appeal to me.

Yet mastery reveals itself through simplicity.


The first two and a half years with my spiritual gift were what I now think of as my “proof of concept” period.

My primary goal at the beginning was to explore my gift. I kept asking myself: “is this real?” And later: “how can this gift help others?”

I struggled to communicate what I was doing even as I was working with people around the world.

It was a strange paradox: it was the most simple and natural process for me to facilitate for others – and yet I had no words to describe it.

I remember talking with someone who had been referred to me. He asked what I did – and I said something about tuning to the frequency of the Divine.

His response: “Now there’s a book I’d like to read!”

My response: “I don’t know about a book, but if you want to have the experience I’m your guy.”


In the summer of 2010 I started thinking about formally launching my healing business on the Internet. I thought I would have a series of processes that were focused on all the standard challenges (money, love, health, calling, etc.).

During meditation I would ask about these processes – wondering when I would receive them so I could put them together for my new site.

In the fall I was in session with a client when out of the blue I “saw” a picture of how everything fit together (I was seeing “Beneath the Sand” for the first time).

I was so shocked I said out loud “That’s it??!!!”

The simplicity of what I saw left me in shock for some time. Rather than different processes for different problems, I saw one practice for every aspect of life.

I’ve been exploring the richness of Beneath the Sand in my life and with clients ever since.


So many words have come in the interim to describe Beneath the Sand. Initially the words were very complex – and over time they’ve become simpler.

It’s funny to me that such a simple process has taken years to be able to describe simply.


A couple of weeks ago I was brainstorming talk titles with my sweetheart. We were working on coming up with some compelling ways to frame what I hope will become regular public talks and introductory healing sessions, followed by day-long workshops around North America – and eventually around the world.

The persistent question we were asking (it’s been on my mind for years now) was: How do we frame what I’m going to talk about?


There have been lots of funny answers to this question over time – and I’m sure that will continue.

If you’ve been reading these From My Heart emails for a while, you’ll remember the “oil pan breath” saga that lead to Divine Connecting Breath getting its name. I still laugh about that one


As Amy and I were talking this title came out:

Beneath the Sand: God’s Holding on Line One

We liked it for so many reasons – but the most compelling that Amy pointed out to me: it’s simple and accessible.

Just like God.


Earlier today I was being interviewed for a tele-summit by the host, Judy Anderson. One of her listeners wrote in a question: “God may be holding on line one but when I pick up the line, he’s not there. Can you explain that?”

And I did explaining how when our souls are completely home in our body we’re in a position to actually have a feeling of God once we pick up line one.


You know what’s so funny about all of this?

When I pick up line one and have a dialogue, the simple explanation, language, and answers are always there.

And when I get stuck in my head (ironically, one of the top “symptoms” of the disembodied soul) I get caught up in complexity.

The same thing that brings about a sense of peace and inner joy, also delivers the words to communicate about how the process can help others find inside what they have been seeking outside of themselves.


So now I just keep reminding myself: God is holding on line one. It’s not just what I’m talking about and teaching. It’s what I’m learning.

Just like everything else I share. 🙂


So what does it mean for you that God’s holding on line one?

Among other things, it means that all the details of your life can’t disrupt your direction connection with the Divine.

Your connection to God is just as available for you as it is for anyone.

We are all the same.

Even more, it means that you can tap into your Divine connection at any time – no special tools required. You have an opportunity to discover your own spiritual truths. No need to delegate awareness to others.

You can stop seeking and pick up the phone.

Do you remember when you first picked up a call that was holding on a multi-line phone?

I’m pretty sure I had to be shown how to do it the first couple of times.

Guess what? The phone system where God is holding right now is known as your body. Once you’re shown (or remember) how to utilize the system all you have to do is pick up line one.


Here’s more good news: anytime you read or hear about somebody’s amazing experience of the Divine, you can celebrate knowing that deeper experiences of your divinity are always waiting … if only you’ll pick up line one!

Here’s to picking up line one, and discovering something new about who you really are!

That’s it for this week … From My Heart.



Ken W. Stone
The Soul Archaeologist
Experience the Divine Within