Gardening on Mars

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Gardening on Mars




Ken W Stone

When possible, the manner and focus of inquiry determine what follows.

If on why some seeds don’t germinate, an answer will follow.

Wondering why some flowers don’t bloom as intended, the answer will follow.

If engaged with all aspects of the garden as a love note and unconditional support from God, there is only love.

If being the glory of the garden, I Am.

When is this not possible? When the foundation has not yet been established.


Each perspective comes with its own unique rules.

The first set of rules are focused on constructing a rocket to escape the gravity of Earth. 

The second, on how to orbit the planet.

The third, in escaping the orbit to begin the journey to Mars, and eventually, in the closing moments of this leg, jettisoning the very rocket ship, spacesuit, and life support which have enabled every aspect of the voyage to this point.

The fourth in being with, in, and as Mars, and the unified experience of all aspects of what previously appeared as segmented expeditions, each with its own cosmology.

If we were to instruct the person focused on building a rocket ship, saying “eventually you will dissolve what you are building in its entirety” they would wonder “how will my spacesuit sustain my life with no mothership to support me?”

If we responded: “even your spacesuit will need to be dissolved” they would wonder “how will I breathe?”

If we responded: “the source of your breath will come from within you, and even the spacesuit itself will prevent you from completing your journey” they might respond “you have lost your mind and are speaking nonsense.”

And they would be right, for from their perspective, the only thing that matters is building a rocket ship capable of escaping gravity.


If we were gardening and exploring the endless love notes and support from God, it is inevitable we would eventually consider the seeds which fell on barren or fertile ground and did not germinate. What is the love note? Where is the unconditional support? What does it mean if we feel the sadness of potential not realized? What if we begin to focus once again on the question of why—why is this ground barren? Why do these seeds not germinate?

From the perspective of God’s unconditional love and support, the determination of why, or how to fix, resolve, and solve, don’t ultimately contribute to the opportunity to more fully engage with all the garden has to offer, however instructive and essential they may have been in establishing the current foundation. 

This may be difficult to recognize when considering the garden. But consider the journey into the unknown of space.

The emotional challenges and traumas from the first and second leg of the journey are without a doubt, felt in the third. Yet to turn the rocket ship back around out of concern that the ship itself is unfit for the journey to come, would be to start the entire journey over again.

Whereas if the emotional challenges and traumas from the first two legs of the journey are allowed to be felt without further resolution from the perspective of either aspect (being on the planet trying to figure out how to escape gravity or attempting to successfully orbit the planet), the shift from conventional preparation, causation, and personal responsibility, to trust, and movement further into the unknown becomes clear.

The rules from the first two aspects of the journey to Mars are clear and familiar. By contrast, every step further into the mystery of space is a move into the unfamiliar and unknown. The disciplines for the first two legs in this journey are radically different than the final two.


The work of building a spaceship with all necessary life supporting structures on the planet, is impossible. Confined by rules and a perspective which will not translate into flight, the only way off the planet is to take responsibility for one’s role in adhering to these rules. To choose to be in flight.

With this choice we begin focusing on how to precisely be in flight and not crash back to Earth or spin off into the stars. Orbiting successfully is the goal. But this goal is also impossible. And so we either crash, or spin off toward the stars and the unknown, in the process trusting that God is leading us home, despite ample evidence that we are lost and leaving behind everything that is real.

Some of the time, the fear of the unknown or the rational argument to return to what is familiar is enough to turn around and head back to Earth and start it all over again. An attempt to get it right this time.

Eventually we trust and fly off to space, even when the rules for flying appear to have already been broken not once, but many times.

And later, we come to discover that the rocket ship, the spacesuit, the location of life-giving energy, even the very journey itself was all an illusion. Entirely unnecessary on the one hand—for eventually we discover and experience all these aspects of the journey were not real . . . and on the other hand, entirely necessary—for without all that work engaged with the illusion, we would have never been able to make the journey home.

In pursuing home on some far away, exotic planet, we discover we have been home the entire time. That everywhere is home. On Mars and Earth, in spaceships (and not), in orbit, and floating off into space on a journey into the unknown. Yet tell someone they are already home at any point in this journey before they experience this truth, and they will object, for the evidence to the contrary is overwhelming.

That’s it for this week . . . From My Heart.

Always in God’s Love and Presence, Further Into the Mystery—All the More Extraordinary With You!


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