From My Heart — On Closer Examination

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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From My Heart — On Closer Examination




Ken W Stone

When you take time to reflect, do you notice patterns?

I keep seeing patterns in the spiritual journey. And when I take time to have a closer look, I notice the same patterns in even more intricate detail. It’s fascinating to me, and it’s a reminder to me that there is always a larger or more detailed perspective.

One pattern that has been revealing itself in greater measure recently is the pattern of contradiction and paradox that is so prevalent on the spiritual journey.

A couple of weeks ago I reflected on the cycle of trauma. It’s clear to me that part of the contradiction and paradox of that portion of the journey is that the strategies for success that we deploy in one phase (during the trauma – the soul disembodies) is exactly the thing that is stopping us from moving forward (an embodied soul is necessary if we are to move forward towards full integration).

This same paradox is present in each transition of consciousness:

The first perceptual stage is: Victim. In this stage we accept responsibility for nothing. The fault lies with others – never with me. As a victim, this is my strategy for success. If I see myself as possessing no power, it must be that I am never responsible for the circumstances of my life, my thoughts, etc.

Conceptual Statement: “It’s all about me.” [consider what is meant by this by someone in Victim]

<– the hallmark of transformation between these two stages is complete responsibility –>

The second perceptual stage is: Manifestor. In this stage we accept responsibility for everything (my prior strategy that I am completely powerless is abandoned). As I take responsibility for everything, I see myself as all powerful. The Universe is seen as an instrument for fulfillment of my desires and wishes. I am the creator of every aspect of my life. My thoughts create my reality. If something is not right in my life, I am responsible for it: I have attracted it, and it’s up to me to “fix” this by holding a new thought (this is my strategy for success).

Conceptual Statement: “It’s all about me.” [while the statement is the same, how has the meaning changed?]

<– the hallmark of transformation between these two stages is complete surrender –>

The third perceptual stage is: Conduit. In this stage we embrace that we are instruments of the Divine. The Divine is beyond our ability to conceive, and therefore our thoughts and ideas of how and what limits the full expression of the Divine in our lives (and in the lives of others). There is nothing for me to do to create Divine grace. It surrounds me and everyone on the planet. It is my natural state – and it’s available to me if only I practice my wholeness and surrender … completely (this is my strategy for success).

When challenges arise in this state, they are seen as reminders to practice wholeness and surrender (in other words – to let go). Challenges are recognized as arising from the individual and not the Divine. Therefore, surrender is the answer (rather than working harder to have a thought that will fix the problem).

Note that the primary lesson of this third stage appears to be very similar to the first stage. This is one reason so many struggle with this transformation. They ask: “how can I give up control when I have worked so hard to take complete control of my life?”

Interestingly, the last stop on my journey to complete surrender was when I accepted complete responsibility for all aspects of my life (especially the areas where I was suffering – I recognized that my suffering was the result of my attachment to my ideas about outcomes and process) and acknowledged that I did not have any answers. Only then did I completely surrender to the Divine.

Conceptual Statement: “It’s all about me.” [here this statement means: “it’s all about my one thing – which is my relationship with the Divine – which is really my relationship with myself – so it’s all about me.”]

<– the hallmark of transformation between these two stages is complete responsibility –>

The fourth perceptual stage is: Union. In this stage we have merged into union with the Divine. Separation is no more. The idea of practice (of wholeness) and surrender are meaningless. There is no need for me to practice who I am: I am. The concept of surrender is borne of separation – there is nothing to surrender to: I am. Since language itself is borne of separation, there may be nothing more to say.

Conceptual Statement: “I am.” [perhaps there is no conceptual statement for those in union – only silence]

Have you ever had a day where you thought you may have visited all four perceptual states?

I have – especially this year.

The compression that we’re all going through right now is in part about shedding the layers of noise between our perceptual states – and what is really real. It’s about discovering the truth inside and opening the door to your inner peace and joy. It’s about taking the next step on the path.

I’m interested in continuing the conversation with you below. What does this bring up in you? What’s your perspective about this blog post? Do you have a question you’d like to get some additional perspective about?

Please share your comments and questions below (keep in mind they are reviewed before they are posted – please be patient with the delay).

That’s it for this week…From My Heart.



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Ken Stone
“The Soul Archaeologist”
Internationally Recognized Teacher and Healer