From My Heart – Cycle of Trauma

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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From My Heart – Cycle of Trauma




Ken W Stone

Over the last six weeks or so there’s a pattern that I’ve started seeing clearly and I wanted to write to you about it this week. I tend to process my awareness a bit more before sharing it so widely. However, I think this could make a big difference to you, and the people you love so I’m sharing it now.

A couple of things: This is a long post – so I’m splitting it between this email – and a post on my blog (you’ll need to click the link to read the entire post). Second, I’m not modifying my language in this post – so if there are young impressionable eyes around, it may be best to wait until they’re gone before clicking the link.

I’m interested in how this awareness affects how you see spiritual journey – especially the place you’re at right now. I’m also interested hearing if anything breaks loose as a result of reading this. Post a comment on my blog (if it doesn’t post immediately It’s because I have to review comments first – but I will – and then I’ll comment).

I’ve worked with clients who were recovering from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Complex PTSD from a variety of sources (war veterans, sexual abuse, etc.).

For some time, I’ve recognized how every single person I have ever worked with in private session, workshop, or group session, exhibits signs of recovering from trauma. That’s not a surprise if you think about people who are dealing with Cancer or Depression or Anxiety.

However, it’s true even when with well known spiritual leaders who are working with me on embodying their message with no obvious form of trauma in their life history … other than the trauma of being a human being. I am saying this to acknowledge this trauma that we all share, not to minimize it.

When your soul (mine too) encounters trauma it disembodies. When the soul completely disembodies we call this physical death. When the soul leaves the body to any degree, it first vacates at the base of the torso (the pelvic floor) then it continues up out of the torso. The last place the soul departs the body is the crown of the head.

You know what someone who is in an “advanced state” of disembodied soul looks like. Think of a friend or loved one who was dealing with advanced stage cancer – or someone who has been through a natural disaster or returned from war. Remember the dull look in their eyes – like they’re not home anymore? We’ll they’re not – that’s one of the signs of a disembodied soul.

OK – that’s the background. Here’s the insight:

The soul naturally wants to come home – to come back into the body. Whether the soul comes back into the body because of this a natural desire to come home, or because the individual is “waking up” spiritually and beginning the work of integrating (mind, body, and soul/spirit) when it comes back into the body, it agitates the original memories of trauma. As a result, the memories and experience of the trauma(s) is/are re-experienced.

This experience is fundamentally challenging to the individual (as well as to their partner, loved ones, and their professional support team): Just when you started feeling better (or just when you started really breaking through to a new level spiritually speaking) the shit hits the fan again. Typically it’s the same shit, same fan – but at an even bigger/deeper level.

This paradox is even more frustrating: The more self work you’ve done, the bigger the fan, and the deeper the impact, the larger the quantity of … well you know.

As the trauma is re-encountered, the soul disembodies once again. And thus is born the cycle of trauma. As the soul disembodies, the pain of that process comes up again, which can lead to or reignite avoidance behaviors (which may include addictive behaviors, especially if there’s a history of addiction).

As if this wasn’t enough, this cycle is exaggerated as you move to the more advanced stages of the spiritual journey, especially as you begin to understand your spiritual gifts and step into your purpose. The reason for this is fairly simple, but the impact is significant, and causes many to stop honoring and pursuing their purpose due to the challenges that are coming up.

The good news is that all of this is an indication of success (on both ends really – the disembodied soul is a strategy for success at the time of the trauma(s) – and the shit/fan interface is also an indication of success on the road to full integration).

Often this cycle is interpreted as a sign of being on the wrong path, doing something wrong – or a sign of fundamental flaws (thus reinforcing the pesky illusion of separation). Let me assure you that this is not the case.
There’s a lot to say about this and I’ll say much more in future posts, and in the book I’m writing right now. Here’s what I want you to know right now that is actionable (if you follow this advice it will change your life): You can break this cycle!

How can you break this cycle? Practice staying embodied. Even when (especially when) the shit hits the fan, and you’re in deep with the cycle, the lessons and experiences of the earlier trauma(s) and it seems everything is a mess. Staying embodied is a critical component to transmuting your trauma and moving into an experience of greater resonance and joy.

I have lots of resources that can help you with staying embodied. There’s a f-ree video that shows you how to embody your soul here.

There’s comprehensive self study program that includes detailed teachings on this challenge (along with the other two that create barriers to greater resonance), a practice that you can download to support you in staying embodied (along with two other practices that help you avoid the other two barriers). This program includes a ton of other support as well – you can learn more here.

I also work with clients around the world in one-on-one sessions through this process. Learn more about private sessions with me here.

I want you to know that you’re not alone, and you’re not failing. What you’re going through right now is UNIVERSAL! Whether other people are talking about it or now, everyone is going through it in one form or another (they may just not recognize it yet).

Don’t give up. Don’t turn on yourself. Don’t get mad at God. Break the cycle.
You can do it!

That’s it for this week … From My Heart



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Ken Stone
“The Soul Archaeologist”
Internationally Recognized Teacher and Healer