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Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Fake — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

Do you ever feel like you’re a fake?

Like you must suppress the way you really feel, instead putting on a facade of happy, together, and energized?

(It’s easy to feel this way – it’s the norm on the planet right now. Projecting happy, together and energized is supposed to get us more of the same [does it?].

Yet we are human beings. Some days we’re happy and energized. Some of the time we have it all together.

Some days we’re sad or angry or frustrated.

It’s OK to be real with what’s really going on in your inner world.

Resonance comes in part from surrender – from letting go of control. The facade is an attempt to control.)


Must you be happy all the time to be a “spiritual person” ?

If you’re unhappy, or angry, or rude does that mean you’re a bad person? Should your membership card to the spiritual club will be revoked?

(All behavior is driven underwritten by the illusion of separation (or what results once you have pierced separation and the sustained experience of oneness).

ALL behavior.

One we deeply recognize this, we can more easily see the divinity not only in all others, but also in ourselves.

Even when we’re cranky or rude or frustrated.

You are always spiritual – even before you were “awake” you were an extraordinary spiritual being having a human experience.

Even then you were fully integrated, fully enlightened, whole in every way.)


Must you work through all your stuff before you share your gifts, step out in the world and hold yourself out as a leader or a resource worthy of consideration?


The attraction around a spiritual leader who is perfect arises from controlling/manifesting consciousness.

Self awareness is key – and comes from doing the work.

Yet this journey lasts an entire lifetime.

There is no terminus.)


Must you pretend to be happy or enlightened or wise for others to find you acceptable or to crack open the door to a fulfilling, happy life?


Indeed, pretending to be happy when inside you are sad moves you further into the illusion of separation.

All pain and suffering arises from the illusion of separation.

Pierce the illusion of separation, remember and experience who you really are, and end all pain and suffering.)


Where can you find the keys to unlock the “cool kids” club of spiritual people who resonate with you, and whom are open to you being real?

(They keys lie within.

Indeed, they are not separate from you – from your essence.

You are the key.

When you authentically embody, your tribe rises up around you, and you realize “I am already one of the “cool kids” – I’m already part of the club.”

The mirror is always reflecting back to us what is really happening within.)


Have you ever worked hard to be authentic and real, and surrender, and be vulnerable only to be led further down that path (to greater vulnerability and surrender)? Well beyond the point of comfort?

To an awareness no doubt important for where you’re at on the journey, serving you deeply.

Yet frustrating all the same.

(Me too.

For all my “mistakes” over the last couple of weeks with my upcoming retreat – I thought I’d finally squared it away and was in resonance Monday evening of this week.

Yet the technology has its own ideas.

I learned yesterday that there are applications I’ve not received – even though they were submitted. And I have no way of knowing who those people are – as their applications haven’t registered on the system.

Can I ask you for a favor please?

If you completed an application for the retreat and I haven’t responded to you personally to schedule time to chat would you please email me? I’d love to connect!

This retreat is already at work in my life – as it is in the lives of many who are beginning to think about coming – as well as those already accepted.

That is powerful and beautiful. And challenging.

Self work is nothing if not humbling.

For all of us.)


I want to challenge you: this coming week – be real. Be authentic. Be present.

To whatever is.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by your real, authentic feelings of sadness or frustration – or any other “negative” feelings – remember: You can pierce separation right now.


Breathe in – hold – and as you let go, let go of everything that has come before in this day.

Close your eyes and let go.

See and feel your connection to everyone and everything in the universe.

Including the Divine.

See the twin frequencies.

Connecting in to each of the smallest parts of your being on all levels known and unknown.

The river is flowing.

Drop below the sand.

Experience the Divine Within.


All that remains is a deep, authentic, extraordinary experience of resonance.

From resonance comes inner joy.

From resonance comes inner peace.

From resonance comes happiness.


That’s it for this week … From My Heart



Ken Stone
The Soul Archaeologist
Experience the Divine Within