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Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Internationally Recognized Spiritual Teacher and Healer, and Creator of the Transformational Beneath the Sand Program

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Embodied — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

After reading this week’s email before sending it to you, I realize it should be called From My Soul … *** When you soul is fully embodied, you have opened the conduit to experience the Divine within. *** Two people attend a meditation. One has a profound experience. The other: nothing. What is the difference between the two? One has an embodied soul; the other is disembodied. *** The disembodied soul is the result of a strategy for survival. You have done nothing wrong, made no mistakes. Like many survival strategies, there comes a point when the current approach inhibits, rather than contributing. *** When you sustain your soul in an embodied state, you transmute (and therefore transcend) earlier “wounds” and “traumas.” Being witnessed as you embody your soul can have a profound impact on the degree to which you transcend – or fall back into the trauma cycle by disembodying once again. *** Your soul disembodies when you encounter stress or trauma. From the encased “wounds” from earlier in this (or a prior) lifetime that are encountered as your soul embodies. Or triggered by a new experience or exchange with another. *** The link between trigger and wound is often obscured or unknown. *** What follows (being triggered) is rarely subtle or easy to ignore. *** When you sustain an embodied state while being triggered, you have begun to transcend that which heretofore has held you back. *** The unbroken trauma cycle (trigger ==> wound ==> disembodied soul) is the source of much ongoing pain and suffering. *** The Illusion of Separation is the root cause of all pain and suffering. *** When you embody your soul, it can be helpful to use the Chakras as a reference point. However, the soul wants to fully embody (not just occupy the Chakras). *** Many begin with the first when meditating on, or tuning the Chakras. However, the soul disembodies in reverse order (starting at 1 and ending with the 7th – under the traditional understanding of the primary Chakras within the body). Therefore, reverse the order in which you meditate or tune. Begin with the 7th and end with the 1st. As you do so, work with your soul to come into the entirety of your body – not just your centerline. *** Byproducts of a disembodied soul include: Depression. Anxiety. Inability to be present. And the list goes on and on. *** While the mind may want to understand “what is wrong” and then work to “fix it” the truth is: nothing is wrong – there is nothing to fix! *** Practicing embodying your soul gives you the opportunity to experience this truth. *** While emotions or sensations in the body may come up as you bring your soul home – you will also have the opportunity to observe that nothing has been done to address the source of the emotion or discomfort – and yet in time it fades away. *** The agent of divine resonance (the soul) naturally wants to move away from dissonance. *** The soul’s sustained presence in the face of dissonance is the catalyst for Divine transmutation. *** Thus those who were once depressed, are free from the chains that have prevented an experience of joy. And those who were once anxious are now free from that debilitating perspective and instead live their life in calm. *** Those who were unable to step away from distraction are now fully present to themselves and others – able to engage in deeper more fulfilling relationships in every aspect of their lives. *** And those who have spend their life pursuing deeper spiritual experiences with the goal of more fully communing with Source – are now able to do so, having opened up to and welcomed home the conduit through which we all experience the Divine: the embodied soul. *** There is no way for me to over-exaggerate the importance and impact of living your life in a fully embodied state. *** Have you practiced embodying your soul today? *** That’s it for this week … From My Heart. Peace, Ken PS – If you’d like to practice embodying your soul there’s a video on my home page that will walk you through the experience – find it here. Ken Stone The Soul Archaeologist Experience the Divine Within www.KenWStone.com