Body and Soul — From My Heart

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Body and Soul — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

Peace is with us now.

Peace is within us right now.


A couple of weeks ago I received an anonymous question through my website about the soul* and the body:

“Why do we have to have our soul inside our body?”
What a GREAT question!

The short answer is that we don’t.

That is to say that there’s nothing we *have* to do on our spiritual journey.
We can choose to pay attention to the lessons or we can ignore them.

If we ignore them, we invite them back for another round, each encore with more on the line, and higher stakes … until we pay attention.


We could ask “why must we work to end our pain and suffering?”

Answer: we don’t. We can remain in the illusion of suffering and the illusion of control as long as we like.

There will come a point in every journey where the veil of suffering is pulled back, and we realize we are not separate from the Divine, but an undistorted extension and expression.
Perhaps for some this awareness finally comes as they begin the last stages of dropping the body.

For others it is right now for indeed we are all one.

And beyond the last breath will come surrender – for there will come a point when the mind must acknowledge: “I am no longer in control.”

Will you wait to surrender?


I remember early on my good friend Tim said to me: “We have all been Hitler in a prior life.”

This is profound.

I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting and meditating on this and I’m happy to share my thoughts.

And I’m curious what it means to you?


Love is with us now.

Love is within us right now.


Perhaps we could reframe the question:

“Why does the soul want to be in the body?”

The soul wants to be in the body because while incarnate, “home” is in the body.

We are naturally working towards full integration (enlightenment) – or what I call Spiritual Mastery.

Coming home is integral to full integration.

This is the evolution of your soul.

The paradox that is uniquely present when we incarnate (duality/non-duality) is available in no other form. It is because of this paradox that we have the opportunity for full integration.

Without the paradox, what are we to integrate?

So it is with the soul: the body houses the soul – and in so doing, opens the door to the visceral experience of the Divine within.

What is being integrated when we talk of full integration? The Mind, the Body, and the Soul.

Three becoming one.


Joy is with us now.

Joy is within us right now.


That yearning that you feel inside is real.

The call to greatness that has been calling for your attention is real.

Will you honor it and give it room for expression?


When your soul is home, in the body – what will you experience?

Peace, Love, and Joy.

You will be present to yourself, to the Divine, and to all of creation (LOL, this is redundant).


Is it that big a deal to come back into the body?



In my work with clients going through cancer and chemotherapy, coming back into the body was the first step to eliminating the side effects of chemo.

In my work with clients who are depressed, the first step to turning the corner towards Joy and leaving depression completely is coming back into the body.


Beyond coming back into the body, what is there to do?

Stop giving your power away – call your power home.

Pierce the illusion of separation.

Engage in a regular visceral practice of your wholeness.

Surrender completely to the Divine.

Practice all of these each day.


The first three (soul-body, power, separation) together constitute the three universal barriers to Spiritual Mastery.

The second three (wholeness, surrender, practice) together constitute the three steps to Spiritual Mastery.


Is it that simple?



Are there special qualifications or pre-requisites for accomplishing these?



Everyone on the planet already has within them what is needed.

Including you.

No matter what you have done to others, or what has been done to you.

That’s it for this week…From My Heart.



PS – People regularly wonder if there’s an easy and accessible way to learn more about these and begin practicing these steps, rather than being stuck in challenge, pain, and suffering. The answer is yes. If you’d like my help you can get it here.

* when I use the term ‘soul’ I am referring to the individuated part of the whole – the energy that is “essentially you” – that has been with you through your many lifetimes. Hindu believe that the soul is the collective and I respect and honor this distinction. Perhaps we could call this energy the spirit – or use some other word? In the end words are all borne of separation, and if we understand this, we can come to an agreement or naming convention without disturbing our understanding, and even more important – our experience, of what is real.

Ken W Stone
“The Soul Archaeologist”
Internationally Recognized Spiritual Teacher and Healer