Where is God? From My Heart

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Internationally Recognized Spiritual Teacher and Healer, and Creator of the Transformational Beneath the Sand Program

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Where is God? From My Heart




Ken W Stone

Nothing differentiates the various expressions of the Divine other than illusion. *** We see grass, a rock, or a fish. There is God. *** We see a Muslim, a Jew, or a Hindu. There is God. *** We see the snow, the rain, and the river. There is God. *** We see our body, our mind, or a challenging life situation. There is God. *** We feel alone and we wonder: “Where is God?” God is everywhere. Yet if we look outside ourselves, we will seek endlessly. *** We see Krishna, Christ, or Kwan Yin. There is God. *** We see our neighbor, Gandhi, or Kim Jong-Un There is God. *** All this seeking, yearning, and judging. Yet at our essence is that which we seek to find, yearn for approval from, and judge as to feel superior. *** Paradoxically, initially when we look inside we see only flaws and darkness. So much so, that we learn to turn away and focus our attention externally – where we what we desire appears to exist. Yet inside, more than anywhere else for you (and for me), is God. *** As we seek along the path of the spiritual journey, eventually we are lead back inside ourselves, recognizing that the promise of a solution to our broken selves out there is an illusion. When we turn inward, we discover the wellspring of our wholeness. We explore the natural resonance of our souls in our bodies. We begin to uncover and experience the Divine within. *** The transmuting power of your embodied soul burns away the illusion and reveals what remains: your true essence shining brightly in union with the Divine. No flaws, nothing broken. As with the river, and the tree, and your neighbor. As with Christ, and Krishna, and the Buddha. God is within you. *** And when you discover God inside, you begin to see God in everything. The internal awareness and liberation immediately expands into all aspects of your life. As internal judgments fall away, so too does all judgment. And we realize that the peace and love we desire in the world, begins within. And we once again witness, as within, so without. That’s it for this week…From My Heart. Thank you for inviting me to walk with you on this most amazing journey. I am grateful we are connected in this way. Peace, Ken