When Did it Get Funny? From My Heart

Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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When Did it Get Funny? From My Heart




Ken W Stone

Yesterday morning I had a wonderful conversation with Colette on her radio program “The Truth is Funny.”

As we spoke the conversation moved towards purpose, and the process of stepping into one’s gifts.


Have you been moving towards your purpose and stepping into your gifts?


Many “natural” healers report near death experiences, severe illness, and other transformative experiences in the opening and awareness of their gifts.

I didn’t have that experience. Instead, I was told by a fellow participant at a meditation retreat that I “should be working as a healer.”

I didn’t even know what the word ‘healer’ meant.


Yet the minute I read those words on a scrap of paper (we were in silence) I started sobbing uncontrollably.


I had been wondering in my visualization exercises for the prior six months what my purpose was.

Despite my sobbing, I had no clue that healing was related to my purpose.

If you’d asked me at the time, I would have told you that my purpose was to help individuals and families optimize their debt, tax, and investment strategies for their long term financial well being.


It would be a great story if I told you that I immediately accepted this gift and went out into the world to share it – but that wouldn’t be the truth.

I struggled with it for a couple of years. On many occasions I tried to bargain with the Divine – asking if I could have a different set of gifts (I wanted something more socially acceptable and understandable) and a different purpose.

Even after I had started to accept it I really struggled with finding my authentic voice for some time.

I feel like I’m still uncovering and learning and stepping into my purpose and gifts. I’m certainly still exploring my authentic voice.


At one point Colette asked me: “At what point in the journey did things get funny?”

The answer? When I surrendered completely.

June 30, 2011.

I looked at every arduous step I had taken in my life to that point, including all the “pain and suffering” that had brought me to the point of complete surrender, and I started laughing uncontrollably.

The divine perfection of it all was exquisite! Not an ounce of energy wasted – all of it required to get me to the point where I was willing to give up control over my life – taking me to this point of surrender!


Your purpose is so large, so significant, that it can never be fully understood. Rather it reveals itself as you move forward.


And how are we to move forward without assurances that everything will work out?

That’s the rub – there’s no way to receive assurances that everything will work out when it comes to purpose. Your purpose is too big – PLUS it’s a journey of letting go of control. It’s an extraordinary act of faith.


Is this a leap you’re willing to take?


I believe we are all endowed with a unique set of spiritual gifts – and purpose that leads us in sharing these gifts with the world.

Your gifts are unique – but the fact that you have gifts is not. EVERYONE has a unique set of spiritual gifts.


Do you have some awareness of your purpose?

How about your spiritual gifts?


Your gifts are no less or more important to the whole than anyone else’s gifts.


We are all the same.


Though you will be tempted to compare (your gifts, where you’re at on your journey to discover and share, etc. etc.), it does not serve you (or the rest of us) to do so.

Comparison drives us to feel inferior or superior.

Neither is true.


We are all the same.


And we are all unique.


We all walk our own path. And our path, however unique, is universal.


Would you like to more completely uncover your purpose and your gifts?

The same steps that open your inner healing power, that support you in transcending simply knowing spiritual truths to actually experiencing them, that support you in remembering and more deeply experiencing who you really are will serve you here as well (in other words: remember and experience your true nature – then follow the resonance):

1) Embody your soul.
2) Call your power home.
3) Pierce the illusion of separation.
4) Experience (viscerally) your wholeness.
5) Surrender.
6) Practice the prior 5.

This is what I teach in everything I do – from my Foundations of Spiritual Mastery I course to the work that I do with spiritual messengers out the world with their message who are looking to more fully embody their divinity and everything in between. These steps are powerful and the change in perspective that results is transforming the lives of tens (perhaps hundreds) of thousands people all around the planet right now.


Guess what?

You already know all these steps – indeed, the steps themselves are about guiding you through a process so you can remember and experience who you already are.

In other words, you have everything you need within you right now.


Would you like quick confirmation?

Think about how you’ve been feeling called to something bigger or more meaningful, perhaps for your entire life.

Pulled towards a mystery that you can’t explain to yourself, much less to anyone else.

And yet there it is.

The deep knowing. The tug in your gut.


When I think about my journey of uncovering my purpose and my gifts it’s been comprised of a couple of themes.

Trusting that what I was being pulled towards was the right thing to do. Even when no one else thought it was … even when I couldn’t explain why.

And surrender.

A series of small to significant surrenders (that are ongoing, BTW) have served me in more ways that I can put to words.

Trust and surrender.

Surrender and trust.

Every day – and again today. And tomorrow. And next week.

Letting go of control. And trusting.


What will you let go of control of today?

How will you step towards more fully uncovering your spiritual gifts and your purpose?

Is there an opportunity to trust your inner guidance in a deeper way today?


That’s it for this week … From My Heart.



PS – If you’d like to listen to the conversation Colette and I had you can find it here. Towards the end of the hour we spent together Colette guided listeners through a process of resonating in a deeper way with your gifts and your purpose. Drop me an email and let me know what you think of the interview after you’ve had a listen.

Ken Stone
The Soul Archaeologist
Experience the Divine Within