Thomas Keating

Thomas Keating

Dear Community,

I wanted to take this opportunity to share both parts of my interview with Thomas Keating with you. I had the extraordinary opportunity to interview him in August of 2017 in person, while he was still living at St. Benedict’s in Snowmass, Colorado.

We live in the thinly veiled illusion of free will.

Father Thomas Keating, was a monk, priest, author and one of the three architects of Centering Prayer October 24, 2018

As you’ll hear in the first art of the interview below, I thought I had started the recorder at the beginning, but I was wrong. Still, Keating knew, and provided a beautiful, quick summary of what he had said to that point, and continued on.

Listen to the first part of my interview with Thomas Keating:

After we concluded the interview and I had turned off the recorder – he asked me about my focus going forward. Sensing more to come, I immediately hit ‘record’ again and started answering his question ….

Listen to the second part of my interview with Thomas Keating:

In the interest of making my complete conversation with Thomas Keating available to you and the rest of our community, I have posted the second part today, October 27, 2018 without any edits or refinements, as I am sitting and remembering him and my time with him. He passed away just two days ago …

As I was walking with him out of the periodical room, I was thinking “I really want to give this amazing man a hug” and as if to further demonstrate the fact that he was living in Union he turned from his walker and threw his long arms out to embrace me in that exact moment.

What an extraordinary and beautiful Embodied Messenger of God! Thank you Thomas for your many gifts and your presence and our time together during your lifetime. And thank you God, for giving us this wonderful expression and extension of you, and with his support, for leading us further into the Mystery!

For more please my blog post, Remembering Thomas Keating.

Thank you (and God too) for the opportunity to walk with you and the rest of our beautiful community. It is a great honor and privilege to share this sacred space with you.

I’m grateful we’re connected in this way.

Further into the Mystery — All the More Extraordinary with you!!