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Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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Things Not Said




Ken W Stone

There are so many things that I don’t say each week in my letter to you, but which are always present in my awareness. They comprise the foundation of my perspective. This week, I want to give voice to some of them.  

Whenever I write, teach, am interviewed, and speak . . .

I am sharing my perspective.

In whatever manner I communicate, what I’m saying is limited by my perceptual view.

I offer my perspective in service to your spiritual journey, and your journey as a spiritual messenger. Even when I make statements which are without qualification (long ago I realized that if I qualified everything I said, it would be cumbersome to the reader/listener). Perhaps everything should have an asterisk at the beginning: * for your consideration, in service to your spiritual awareness and relationship with the Divine.

I don’t think there’s any way to communicate the absolute truth with words. Even if there is, I’m confident I’m not.

I believe the most profound and meaningful connection between you and the Divine exists within you; that no one has more insight into the intimate details of that connection for you, than you do for yourself (not anyone who has ever lived, is alive today, or will ever live). That your experience of this inner relationship with God by whatever name is what matters most.

I believe that the Divine communicates differently in, through, and as each and every human being. One artifact of this, is that we end up with different religions, and each have unique insights, though in my view none offers a complete understanding of the Divine. Another artifact is that in Union, there remains a diversity of awareness and perspective.

Though I understand why they may be attractive, there is no single set of spiritual precepts we could all agree to, which could account for the complete diversity of Divine expression. This lack of agreement on foundational principals can be seen between and within the major religions. Because my work falls outside the formal context of any religious tradition (though to my knowledge, all are represented in the community) for some, this creates a disconnect with what I am attempting to communicate. While I respect each person’s insights and beliefs, I can’t deny my own direct experience of the Divine in favor of accepting another’s. Nor would I ask this of anyone else. From my perspective, disagreement at this level need not create a sense of disconnection. The reason? In my view, a direct experience of the Divine is more important than a cosmological understanding.

Everything is leading to our integration. Even experiences of dis-integration eventually boomerang back to greater integration.

No one chooses to suffer, yet we all experience profound suffering. From my perspective this speaks to the extraordinary role suffering plays in integration. One will suffer only as much as one need, in order to integrate.

Embodied integration stands alone. Even when one thinks “I am integrated” what may be integrated is only embodied when it is. Which to my view requires a depth of suffering and experience for it to be so, rather than simply an intellectual understanding (there’s so much more to say about this). Accordingly, there’s no way to choose to stop suffering, until there is.

Consciousness isn’t a label to be judged or a box to be contained within or a net to cast upon another. The stages of consciousness are meaningful from my perspective, to the degree that they offer a framework for understand the inner developmental journey. My understanding for me. Yours for you. Each stage before Union isn’t something to be completed quickly or an expression of failure, any more than working on the foundation of a home you’re building is a failure because you haven’t yet put the roof on. Even this implies a linear progression, and the developmental journey of consciousness is not.

Words spoken in embodied Union resonate in all stages of consciousness. This is not true for in any other stage of consciousness. Accordingly, communication in Union generally takes the form of metaphors, parables, and occasionally personal narrative.

Spiritual leadership is built on the stages of consciousness, with four primary characteristics of embodied spiritual leadership: Authenticity, vulnerability, humility, and soul embodiment. From my perspective, these four aren’t present until leader who is embodied in stage 3 or 4. Further, it’s possible for someone to be privately integrated in stage 3 but show up as a stage 1 leader—in other words, not be fully embodied in stage 3.

Separation is not another word for failure. When something is being experienced in separation, I believe it is illuminating the truth by contrast (by focusing on what is not true), though rarely is it possible to perceive it in this way in real time. Separation is like suffering. Necessary until it’s not. Though some see separation as a problem, curse, a burden—or something to be overcome or healed, I see separation as one of God’s greatest gifts.

I see the spiritual journey as a slow and gentle shift from being primarily identified in separation, to being primarily identified in wholeness. When doing inner work, some of the time it’s interesting and meaningful to be able to understand when a dynamic or situation is in separation. But the value of this awareness is limited, and only from the perspective of separation.

The structures I continue to receive, explore, and teach (spiritual mastery and spiritual messenger mastery) are temporary—scaffolding which may be helpful in understanding how to scale the inner temple of Divine Presence—and even in experiencing its profound resonance. Yet unnecessary (for you are the temple) and problematic even, if an attachment is formed to the necessity or importance of the scaffolding. It must melt away eventually, for the truth of who you are is so intimately present so as to be fully integrated and embodied already; not separate in any way—yet any structure necessarily proclaims otherwise. Thus, in truth there is no journey of embodiment or wholeness. Even the concept of a spiritual journey is not real.

Further as the shift from what appears to be real (in separation) to what is actually real (in wholeness) unfolds, what is being uncovered is constantly changing. Think of it as an exploration and excavation of freedom, where how freedom is defined, accomplished, and experienced radically changes—a function of each stage of consciousness. A fixed structure could never support this kind of radical and sustaining transformation, even if we set aside the foundational truth* that what we are seeking to uncover and experience is actually who we (and everyone) really are; the mystical and extraordinary expression of pure divine light through the prism of human being.

The diversity and unique nature of the experience of the Divine is something to celebrate. For me the value of our community isn’t that we agree on anything or everything, it’s that we gather and explore the Divine within together, while respecting and appreciating all the perspectives, insights, awareness, and more related to this profound encounter.

From my perspective, the most important activity or manner of focus you could engage in is to experience yourself as an undistorted expression and extension of the Divine, in ways that are most meaningful to you.

My goal in sharing, facilitating, teaching and listening, is to support you in opening to a deeper experience of the Divine within as well as to your unique gifts, message and mission.

That you may discover the extraordinary nature of Divine Presence for yourself; that you may open more fully to the gifts God expresses through you and all the ways you’re called to serve and support others—whatever this may mean for you.

That’s it for this week . . . From My Heart.

We are always in God’s Love and Presence,


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