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Ken W Stone; spiritual teacher, author, and spiritual healer

Ken W. Stone,
“The Soul Archaeologist”

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Healer, and Founder of The Resonance Experiment

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The Ultimate Perspective — From My Heart




Ken W Stone

Is there a perspective from which, all things are known?


Though we can imagine that God knows all, because the nature of consciousness is constantly unfolding, we can also imagine that even the Divine is becoming more aware of itself.

Just like you.


Is one perspective “more true” that another?


Because there are different stages of consciousness (some widely known and understood, others not) and because “truth” is in the context of the consciousness from which it was born, each perspective is valid for those who share that consciousness.


This insight is something I’ve struggled with – preferring instead to think of some awareness as having primacy over other. And some approaches as being better than others.

I’ve even gone so far recently as to turn down an invitation to participate in a tele-summit because the host was associated with an organization about which I’ve had serious concerns.

Yet all the while acknowledging that there is a perspective from which everything is Divine.

What a strange contradiction!


This past weekend something changed.


I went (with my sweetheart) to my second Abraham workshop with Esther Hicks.  The first was in the summer of 2007 before I learned of my spiritual gifts.

We had a wonderful time on so many different levels!


At times I’ve struggled to understand the Law of Attraction from the perspective of conduit consciousness.

During the workshop, I kept hearing and seeing the linkage between what Abraham was teaching, and the spiritual awareness that has come through me.

This experience alone was profound as it pointed directly not only to the coherence between apparently different cosmologies, but also to the differences in my own consciousness and how that informed what I learned in 2007 (versus how I heard and understood on Saturday).


What followed for me was the dislodging of a perspective that has held me in separation for a number of years:

This organization that I have such issues with is serving a different consciousness (than I serve) and they have a different purpose from mine.

To step away from opportunities to teach and engage an audience that may overlap is to step away from my mission and my purpose (namely to help others in remembering and experiencing their true nature. That’s all about piercing separation – not enhancing it (interestingly this is exactly what I see this organization doing – enhancing separation), LOL!).

Further – I have seen such dark energy and no spiritually redeeming qualities around the energy that this organization spreads.

Yet as I have taught so many times, when we allow our light to shine brightly and pierce separation completely, there is nothing to protect against (interestingly, the act of protection alone moves us further into separation).

Thus, my attempts to separate myself from an event host, where needlessly borne of separation – a way of choosing to not step fully into my power and purpose.

Further, I see now that this entire approach – including the manner in which I’ve interacted with people associated with this organization – as not honoring of the Divine love that comprises the most essential aspects of myself (yours too of course).


As I see you, I see myself.

As I see myself, I see you.


Gandhi put it this way:

“If you don’t find God in the next person you meet, it is a waste of time looking for him further.”


I humbly add to Gandhi’s awareness: “… in the next person you meet”(or the next mirror you gaze into) …


There were other gifts and awareness from Abraham, as you can imagine:


An ongoing commentary about how we all tend to get in our own way. A nice reminder of the importance of letting go of control – of surrender (through surrender we get out of our own way).


Many comments about how addressing the past and “fixing” or addressing things is unnecessary. I heard this clearly as a reminder to return to resonance and experience wholeness.  Right now. No matter what is “going on” in your life.  Spot on!


Lots of discussion about different “discs” – and the momentum associated with each state along with reminders to let go of momentum at “lower” states and move to “higher” states.

This correlates powerfully to the practices that I utilize in my life of embodying the soul, calling power home, and piercing separation – as preparation for a visceral practice of wholeness (Beneath the Sand) – the most resonant expression of who I really am.


I realize that while there are many teachers and many perspectives. All in their own way pointing towards and directly (or indirectly) supporting you in uncovering the singular mystery, for which words can only hint at, but for which experience is the master teacher: the depth of the resonance that is available in all of us – in YOU – right now is extraordinary and constantly unfolding and expanding.


However it is said, whichever resonates most:

“You are a child of God.”

“You are source energy.”

“You were born to make manifest the glory of God …”

“You are an undistorted expression and extension of the Divine.”

“You are whole in every way, right now.”


Thanks for the awareness, the insights, and the breakthroughs, Abraham!

That’s it for this week … From My Heart.




Ken Stone
The Soul Archaeologist
Experience the Divine Within